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Missing Mollie Tibbetts Iowa, Missing Maine woman Kristin Westra, Beverly England cold case solved? Nuwaubian Nation cult, Isabella Hellmann woman missing on honeymoon sailing trip, what happened to Mollie Tibbetts?

On July 18th, 2018, a twenty year old Psychology student named Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts went missing while out on a jog in Iowa.  The girl was dog-sitting at her boyfriends house while he was away for work. She sent him a Snapchat and went out to jog and was never seen again. Police believed she had been abducted, and after hours of trawling through CCTV from the area noticed a suspicious vehicle driving along Mollies usual jogging route... (READ POST)

Isabella Hellmann and her husband Lewis Bennett had been married for three months when they finally decided to take a belated honeymoon. They planned to sail through Puerto Rico and Cuba when on the last leg of the journey Julia went missing. Her husband believed she had fell over board and noticed that the boat was taking on water rapidly. But what really happened that night?

In November 2014, a 44 year old man form Georgia walked into a local hospital cradling the lifeless body of his 1 year old daughter.
"She isn't breathing" he told hospital staff.

Noticing the deceased child was severely malnourished, the police were contacted and searched the mans apartment to find a starving woman in one of the rooms as well as literature belonging to a strange cult with an Egyptian aesthetic that followed a religion of Kemetism, UFO religion and ancient mysticism (READ POST)

32 year old Beverly England went missing on June 12th, 1980. Rumors had been making their way around town that Beverly had been having an affair with another woman's husband, so she decided to meet with the woman that day at a local picnic area. Beverly was never seen again. Mitzy Abeyta, who was pregnant at the time, told police the two of them got into an altercation and Beverly attempted to attack her with a broken bottle but is Abeyta as innocent as she still claims to be? (READ POST)

Kristin Westra had suffered several sleepless nights before she went missing. She had been feeling stressed out and arranged an emergency meeting regarding anxiety and her mental health. That night, she and her husband lay in bed reading before going to sleep before work, but Kristin could not stop tossing and turning. The following morning when her husband woke up she was nowhere to be found. Several days later two children playing in a field stumbled upon a body. (READ POST)

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Sara Ellis murder at the Pisgah Inn, the murder of Benjamin Eastman, Michael Shaver, Arlis Kay Perry, April Marie Tinsley and more

Sixteen year old Benjamin Eastman left his fathers house on the night of June 24th to meet up with a friend who claimed he wanted to go camping. Several days passed and the teenager had failed to contact his family, prompting his father to file a missing persons report.
An investigation into Benjamin's disappearance revealed the horrific series of events that unfolded the night he went missing...(continue)
Michael Shaver of Clermont, Lake County, Florida went missing several years ago. His wife informed investigators that he had simply walked out of her life one day after a violent fight in 2015 and never returned. He failed to renew both his drivers license and pilots license and never used his bank cards or contacted friends and family again. Mrs. Shaver remarried in 2017 and she and her new husband exchanged vows in the backyard of the Shavers 500 acre rural property near a suspiciously recently placed concrete slab... (continue reading)

Arlis Kay Perry was found murdered in a church in Stanford, California in October of 1974. Her body was found on the floor, near the altar, she was naked from the waist down and had been violated with a large candle. An ice pick was found lodged in the back of her skull and another candle had been placed on her chest. The case remained unsolved for over 40 years until recent developments in DNA lead back to a long time suspect in an attempted arrest that lead to a suicide and the discovery of a morbid souvenir... (read the full post)

In 1988 an eight year old girl named April Marie Tinsley went missing near her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She was playing with friends when it began to rain, so she told them she'd be right back after she collected her umbrella. Little April never returned to finish playing with her friends, nor did she show up at home for dinner like she was supposed to. Her body was found 3 days later in a ditch and soon after strange and frightening clues began to show up around town. Notes were scrawled on barn doors and found attached to children's bicycles confessing to the crime and threatening to strike again...(continue reading)

On the 1st of December, 1981, a 40 year old realtor named Virginia Freeman went to meet with a potential client who was interested in buying a property on isolated spot on Greens Prairie Road near Welburn in Texas. He claimed that he would pay in cash and Virginia was keen to make the sale. When she didn't return from the meeting, her husband became worried and decided to search for her. Tragically, he found his wife's body near the property. She had been stabbed in the neck a total of 11 times and choked with such force that her neck was actually broken... (Continue reading)

29 year old Brevard County resident, Sara Ellis, successfully applied for a job as a cook at the Pisgah Inn- a lodge perched atop the Pisgah Mountain 5000 feet above sea level in Waynesville North Carolina. She had dreams of one day running her own restaurant and thought seasonal work as a chef was a step in the right direction. As a bonus, the Pisgah Inn was located in such a beautiful location, and offered breathtaking panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding Appalachian highlands. One night after a shift, she went for a walk with co-worker, when things took a turn for the worst...(Read this post)

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj believed that his 3 year old son, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, was possessed by the devil. When the child went missing in December of 2018, his mother reported it to the police. Two weeks later a car accident on interstate 65 led police to the missing child's father who had constructed a make-shift compound in rural New Mexico on a patch of desert land. Police found 11 children and three women living in squalid conditions on the property... (continue reading)

On night of January 16th, 1984 a gruesome discovery was made at a home in Aurora, Colorado. The bludgeoned bodies of husband and wife, Bruce and Debra Bennett, and their two daughters were discovered. The youngest child, 3 year old Vanessa, had somehow survived the brutal attack and was clinging on the life by a thread when her grandmother found her. Despite her horrific injuries, the child survived. But what became of little Vanessa and who was responsible for the crime?  (continue)

34 year old Shanann Watts and her two daughters went missing after she returned home from a business trip on the night of August 13th, 2018. Her husband, 34 year old Christopher Watts, made desperate pleas for the safe return of his family, but friends and family began to get suspicious when they realized Shanann had neglected to take important everyday items with her, including her cellphone, wallet and medicine.... (continue reading)

On the night of February 6th, 2016, police in Emmaus responded to a call from the Emmaus Hotel on 424 Chestnut St, Upper Milford Township. They found a teenage boy surrounded by a pool of his own blood with two residents of the hotel attempting to revive him. Another officer on his way to the scene noticed a bloodied civilian walking in the snow and stopped to question him- "you're looking for me. I did it" he said... (read this post)

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What really happened to missing teenager Russell Bohling? Satanic cult at RAF Bempton

On the 2nd of March, 2010, 18 year old student Russell Bohling left his parents’ house in East Riding, Bempton, Yorkshire, never to be seen again.

According to his parents version of events he left the family home at around 8AM and was dressed slightly smarter than usual in a black Ben Sherman jacket, blue jeans and black training shoes. His car was missing from its parking space outside of the house, indicating he had left in it that day.
Russell was doing a course in bricklaying at the nearby Bishop Burton College at the time, but it has never been confirmed if he was supposed to attend any classes on the day he vanished.

When Bohling failed to return home that day, his parents reported him missing.

The following morning the teenager’s Renault Clio was found parked near a Cliffside known as “Bempton cliffs’. The vehicle was discovered by one of the employees working on the nature reserve which was (and still is) ran by the RSPB. Bempton cliffs is often visited by those interesting in observing the puffins on the Cliffside and is nearby an abandoned RAF radar station popular with urban explorers.

A parking ticket was displayed on the window of Russell’s car. The time stamp revealed that the ticket had been purchased at 11:30AM on the day that he went missing. The worker noticed that the vehicle was still parked there at 5PM but thought nothing of it until it next day when it was still there.

Russell Bohling’s parents were suspicious that their son had managed to drive from their home in East Riding to Bempton cliffs without using his debit car to fill up the tank. They informed police that he had only 10GBP in cash and under 4 liters of petrol in his tank on the morning that he disappeared. The cliffs are a 45 minute journey one way and they were confident he didn’t have enough cash on his person or enough petrol in his tank to drive there without once stopping to fill up. Russell’s bank informed investigators that no transactions had been made on his account on the day that he went missing.

Russell’s parents did some investigative work of their own and came to the conclusion that their son would have needed to stop at a gas station, likely in Brandersburton, just under halfway to Bempton. They insisted that he would have nowhere near the amount of money to fill up and fully subscribe to the idea that he was not alone on the trip.
They looked to his SATNAV for clues and discovered that leading up to the day of his disappearance he had taken trips to York, Bradford and Bridlington.
York is around 47 miles from Russell’s home in East Riding. It would take him just under an hour and a half one way. Bradford is around 64 miles and just over an hour and a half by car. Bridlington is the closest to his home, around 20miles away and just a 40 minute drive via the A1. He didn’t tell anyone in his family that he had made these trips. He simply left and returned home without mentioning where he had been.

So what exactly was Russell doing at Bempton cliffs?

The police initially believed that he had traveled there to commit suicide as the cliffs are a suicide hotspot, however a body never washed up onto shore.
A user over at reddit /unresolvedmysteries recounted their visit to RAF Bempton and revealed that there was a steep slope leading down to a quick drop off the side of the cliffs and believe that he could of accidentally fell to his death- but again, no body was ever recovered.

The police had found what is mentioned in many online articles as “a suicide tape” in Russell Bohling’s bedroom. When I first read this I imagined they were talking about a video recording, but it turns out it was an audio recording found on a Dictaphone. On the tape, Russell talks about wanting to be buried in the countryside as he believed that he wasn’t intelligent enough and it upset him. The teenager’s mother claims that the recording was made at a time when Russell was stressed out about his GCSE results. He was supposedly 15 years old when he made the tape. His parents insist that the only reason it exists was due to the stress Russell felt when thinking about his future and that with time and confidence his fears for the future faded.

Russell’s parents had a completely different theory for why their son may have visited Bempton cliffs that day- his interest in the nearby disused RAF radar station. They claim that Russell had a particular interest in the bunker, which is popular with urban explorers and hasn’t been open to the public since the early eighties when it was bought by a private owner.

Apparently Russell carried around a USB stick with pictures of the “pornographic and devilish” graffiti that decorates the walls of the abandoned building.
The bunker, which was in operation from the 1940's, has been the subject of sinister rumors since the seventies. Locals believe it was used by a “Satanic cult” and that sacrifices and rituals were performed. There are no articles (that I can find) that mention anything of the sort going on at the disused bunker, but ask a local and they just may tell tales of a devil-worshipping group having orgies and sacrificing animals. Despite the buildings reputation, most locals are generally aware that the cults never existed. Some will offer that the tales are urban legends conjured up after raves and parties were thrown by students from the nearby university many moons ago. Some say they believe the “cult” was just a bunch of squatters who had to be evicted by police in the seventies.  
This album hosted on FLICKR details the artwork inside and includes diagrams and a layout of the building. There are also numerous blog posts online recording peoples visits.

This is one of the more tame examples, click HERE<< to be taken to a forum to see some of the more explicit pieces. 

The “Satanic graffiti” consists of paintings of naked figures in sheels having orgies. The artwork itself is pretty well done, considering. People with devil horns growing out of their heads with their genitals on display dance around the walls of the bunker surrounded by general graffiti tropes commonly found scrawled on the walls of most abandoned buildings, such as “666”, “this way to hell” and the nicknames of visitors.

An article in a local newspaper reports that Russell didn’t find the images of the graffiti online. Apparently the pictures were copied from a USB stick and pasted in a folder on his desktop. I couldn’t find anything about the whereabouts of the memory stick.

Russell’s father, Roger Bohling, suspects that his son was involved with an unknown person linked to the graffiti in the bunker. I assume he doesn’t believe that a satanic cult sacrificed him, rather that Russell may have been in contact with someone who agreed to go visit the bunker with him, but in reality had sinister ulterior motives.

Russell Bohling had speech disorder that his parents believe made him vulnerable. For example, he would have a hard time voicing disagreement and would instead go along with something that he didn’t necessarily want to do.

So what would someone want from Russell? Why him?

Well, apparently Russell Bohling stood to receive a 300,000GBP windfall from his father to start his own business. An article in the Yorkshire post states that the 300,000GBP would be signed over to Russell in the form of a semi-detached house with which he could do whatever he wanted. Russell has two brothers, Nigel (then 23) and Andrew (then 22) and they too were set to inherit the same amount. Russell was scheduled to receive his windfall as soon as he turned 18, but he was yet to receive the property at the time he went missing. Apparently the 18 year old planned to start his own business. Money is always a likely motive for murder as we often times see people disappear or die under suspicious circumstances shortly after taking out life insurance policies. Surely an outsider  would have nothing to gain from the death of Russell as he hadn’t even received his money.

Russell’s parents rule out their son as a walk-away arguing that if he was to voluntarily disappear he surely would have waited for his 300,000GBP windfall before doing so.

Sea, mountain and air searches for the missing 18 year old turned up nothing. It was if he had simply vanished into thin air. Fire and rescue searched the bunker aided with torches and heat sensitive camera equipment. In 2012 they returned to search once again, this time the Bohling family shelled out over 1000GBP to cover the cost of pulling up the concrete that had been laid to keep out addicts. Still, authorities found no trace of Russell.

His parents believe he is no longer alive. They think the answers to what happened to their son that day are in the USB, that whoever gave him those images had some involvement in his death. Russell had indeed searched about the RAF bunker online before his disappearance but that’s no surprise as he already had the images and the intention to visit.

Now, about Roger Bohling. I was honestly shocked to find out the next piece of information.

Russell’s father, Roger, turned his personal computer in to Humberside Police in what an article in the Yorkshire post describes as “a desperate bid to find his son”.
This gesture did not lead police to the missing 18 year old, but instead lead to the discovery of (then) 57 year old Roger Bohling’s child porn stash.

This collection of images consisted of what has been described as 415 pictures of kids in “erotic poses” as well as 3 images of people “engaging in sexual acts with animals”.

Apparently Roger Bohling did not download the images but obtained them via a memory stick from a relative. He then went on to burn the collection of images onto a CD.
These images were officially classed as “low level” CP and were said to be pictures that may have been of children on vacation.

Roger suffers from a degenerative brain issue due to an accident he had years ago and apparently once informed his family that planned to commit suicide on account of the disease. If Russell knew about this, it would have been an extremely difficult and upsetting thought to deal with.

Russell’s parents claimed that a pair of brown steel toe capped boots were missing from their son’s room. Later, a foot laced up into the same type of boot washed up onto shore. Testing proved that the foot did not belong to Russell.

His parents insisted that a certain pair of shoes their son was wearing on the day he disappeared were found in the family summer home in Ravenscar two years after he vanished.

Russell Bohling has never been found.

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Noah Novak : Is Noah Novak really a time Traveler from 2030?

Hey friends, hows it going? 
Thought we'd take a break from unsolved murders and missing people this week to take a look at something a bit more lighthearted. 

I woke to this morning to several DM’s all directing me to online articles about a self-confessed time traveler named Noah.

Time traveller’ man from 2030 makes specific predictions for the future” read the headline of an article from

Time travel SHOCK CLAIM: Man from the 'year 2030' says ALIENS become ALLIES with the US” cried the Express online.

BACK TO THE FUTURE Man claiming to be a time-traveller from 2030 ‘PASSES lie-detector test’… and he has these predictions for the next 10 years” wrote the Sun.

I had to get to the bottom of this.

Everyone loves a good time traveller story, just ask you tube; “Time travellers caught on tape”, “time traveller took this video in the year 2120”, “Time traveller caught on 911 call’.
Remember that photograph of the “Time travelling hipster”?

Admittedly in a sea of generic folk from the 1940’s dressed in suits and hats, the dude in the shades and casual clothing holding a portable camera does stand out- but is his casual attire really undeniable evidence of time travel? 

After much excitement the seemingly modern items in the photograph were proven to have been available and on the market at the time the image was captured. The logo tee turned out to be a hockey jersey, the protective glasses were on sale at the time and the camera was confirmed by Kodak as likely being a Kodak 35, which was introduced in 1938.

So, friends, it’s now time for us to look into the newest time traveler on the block, a man from the year 2030- the man known only as “Noah”.

 Apparently the first video of Noah appeared on YouTube on the 17th of November 2017. The first result on YouTube is a video by a channel called paranormal elite that currently has 33K subscribers. The video, titled “Time Traveler Who Has Been To The Year 2030 Shares His Experiences”, is (at the time I write this) sitting at over 2million views.

The introduction lays out the basic information we need to know about who Noah is. The channel claims that an individual located in Guadalajara, Mexico contacted them via phone and claimed to be an ex-US government worker who was fired after failing a time-travel mission in South America. The individual identified himself as only “Noah” as he feared he would be taken out by the US government if they were to discover his identity. Noah claimed that he was 50 years old, but had taken an age reversal drug that shaved off 25 years, making him appear to be 25 years old. He told Paranormal Elite that the constant time travel had affected him mentally that he has depression and an eating disorder as a result.
After the introduction we see a video of Noah clad in a burgundy with his face obscured, reading from a pre-written statement explaining that he is a time traveler and wants to prove to us all that time travel will be available to the public in 2028.  To do so, he claims that he has traveled back to the 13th of November 2017 from the year 2021- which he claims is where he existed for most of his “natural life”.

The statement is then interrupted by Noah getting seemingly overwhelmed before asking for a moment to compose himself . At one point he starts sobbing and the P.E channel slides in a message telling viewers not to feel bad as they have donated around “$700 in food and water to help him get by”.

In order to prove that he really is from the future, Noah has provided us with a list of predictions for technologies that will be available to us in the near future- 2021 to be exact. 

Here’s the list:
1.        Electric cars that are able to cover an average of 600 miles on one full charge
2.        HD video recording glasses with augmented reality. Basically like Terminator shades or an advanced pair of Google glasses that can do way more than show you maps and make a phone call. These 2021 glasses will supposedly have an augmented reality screen that will basically allow us to perceive generated data that we can see, hear and touch etc.  Essentially we’ll be living in the “black mirror” universe in a couple of years.
3.       Trump will be re-elected. He’s 100% certain, apparently.

After displaying some symptoms of stress, he wishes us good luck for the future and signs off.

On the 5th of August, 2018, a YouTube channel called APEX TV boasting 686K followers posted a follow up interview with Noah titled: “Time Traveler Noah From 2030 Tells His Story”.  A far cry from the 3 minute video originally posted on Paranormal Elite, this video is over 37 minutes long.
It’s important to note that paranormal elite is part of APEXTV.

Now I actually sat down and watched that 37 minute video (I know) and I thought I’d recap it here for you, so you can skim-read what Noah claims to be his story:

In 2025 Noah was in his teens and attending high school. He was bullied for having a stutter as a child, but was smart and got good grades- in fact he got straight A’s across the board. One day, out of the blue, a pair of men with shaved heads, clad in suits (he accidentally describes them as “tuxedos”) had him pulled into the office and forced him into a top secret government program where he would have to travel through time to complete missions and the past and future. He was prohibited to tell anyone about the project and began to feel isolated from the rest of the world.
He was driven out to a military complex in the middle of the Nevada desert where he had to register as a worker. He was then led down a staircase into a basement level facility where he saw an unfathomably large glass time machine crawling with mechanics. He signed an 8 year contact with the government and was put into a small class of  trainees (five in total)  and lived at an on-site dorm with minimal furnishings. From there he studied until it came time to take the final exam, which he passed. A chip was then implanted into his left wrist- a painful procedure that had him in intense pain for several days.
 Noah hated the job, but he could be at least relieved in the knowledge that he didn’t have a contract as long as some of the others in his class, some of whom received 50 – life.  

His group consisted of three males and one female. The government, he realized, preferred to hire straight white males when it came to time travel, so he was surprised that they hired both a woman and an “Arab man named Reuben” , both of who were members of his group the first time they went on a time travel mission. Rueben was a first timer too, and the pair became friends.

In order to time travel, he had to gear up into a large suit made of metal. After a computerized voice countdown the metal suit was shocked with electricity and he later woke up lightheaded and disorientated. He found himself in the year 2009, guided by his supervisor. He and his teammates spent a week in the year 2009 at the same military complex from which they had time traveled, doing manual jobs such as running boxes from the building to trucks outside. Other project employees had been time traveling to the past to set up domes as hot-spots for future time travel missions.

Noah was tasked with studying history.
He studied extra-terrestrials as a segment on future-history and the advancement of technology and crypto currencies as a study of the past, all the while noting down information that was to be later entered into a huge government database. Noah was unsure what they wanted with the information and came to the conclusion that the government just simply wanted to know and record everything.

His final job took place in South America where his group was sent to time travel in order to study cartels, most notably narcoterrorist Pablo “king of cocaine” Escobar who was killed in 1993.
During the mission, the team got into an altercation at a local bar creating a time paradox. The following morning he awoke to the news that he had been fired and had been abandoned in the year 2017.  

Left without a job and abandoned outside of his “natural year” he took to freelancing online as a graphic designer. The minimum wage salary the government been paying him had left him with empty pockets and the food and shelter they had originally covered was no longer provided. He found himself living between cheap apartments in South America.  

There you have it- Noah’s story.

Now I found out that Noah actually reached out to ApexTV  of his own accord (or so he says), after seeing another video on the channel about a time traveler titled “Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Year 2118 Speaks Out”. The monetized video has over 7 million views and likely raked in a lot of money in ad revenue. Follow-up videos about the same individual include Q&A’s and “Photographic evidence” of the future in the form of a grainy looking futuristic city with twisted jade towers that also look like cacti from a distance.

Many of the videos on the APEXTV channel are time-travelers “telling all” and showing “photographs from the future” and they get a lot of views. The comments on the videos are usually jokes and jabs at the individuals claiming to be from the future.  

These videos do significantly better than the ones about cyrptids and whatnot and if you go back far enough you’ll see that the channel had tried many avenues with  very different types of content that just didn’t work out for them. 
Time travel, however, seems to be their niche and they can generate millions of views and even news coverage that leads to tens of thousands of views from readers who would never be motivated to search for this kind of content on their own. 

Noah recently did a 2 hour live stream answering people’s questions. Even in the name of research I cannot bring myself to sit through a two hour stream, but I did click-skip through it and it seems to be Noah answering viewers questions on topic such as “will North Korea do it?” (To which he replies, yes, but he can’t say where”), “is the Earth round?” (Not sure we need a time traveler for that answer) “Is rap still relevant in the future?” (Yes)

When a viewer asked Noah how old he is, he talks about how he should be 21 but has been taking “age pills” before stating “I was born in the year 2007. So right now I am 11 years old. I’m probably out there in middle school, somewhere in the United states”.  When the host asked if he would be up for meeting himself he says he isn’t sure- then astoundingly Noah reveals his full name.
This honestly made me pause for a minute, because while researching this guy he was banging on about not letting anyone to know his identity for fear of being killed off by the government and then suddenly in a stream he just announces that his full name is “Noah Novak”.

In a later video Noah does a lie detector test, the majority of questions he asks are confirmed as “true”.  He does not answer “yes” or “no” rather answers at length and we see no machine. 

He has what looks like a sphygmomanometer inflatable cuff strapped around his upper arm and nothing around his chest, hands or head, like we’re used to seeing in routine lie detector tests. Even when legitimate, these tests are not 100% accurate and if you can control the symptoms of anxiety, you can control the test.  We also have to take into account that if, for example, an individual suffering from delusions answers questions about what they truly believe to be their reality, no deception would be recorded in a lie detector test.

So next, APEXTV releases a video titled “Time Traveler Took This Video in The Year 2120” which is a classic part of their formula for these time-travel videos. 
Yes, Noah has suddenly returned with, not a picture, but a video of the year 2120.
I have to admit; I skipped most of the video and got right to the clip where he shows this video evidence of the year “2120”. I LOL’d.
It basically looks like a CGI clip of a futuristic looking city with flying cars on a loop. I made this GIF for your convenience.

“It’s been distorted by time travel” he says. A phrase heard in several other time-travel videos on APEXTV. 

The story gets even more wild than it already is.

On March 5th 2018 APEXTV published a video titled- “Time Traveler Meets His Future Self”. In this video Noah Novak meets a man who (allegedly) contacted the channel claiming to be Noah from the year 2070 (30 years ahead of Noah’s “natural year”)

Noah and future Noah have very little in common physically; in fact the only stand out feature they both have is a pixelated face. Despite their physical difference (including height and accent) Noah claims that future-him knows information that only someone who has “stalked him his whole life” could know.  He also informs Noah that “their” name isn’t really Noah – the real name has been censored in editing. 

Surely other time-travellers or shady government workers that exist in Noah’s “black mirror” universe would have the means to know such information, but Noah believes future-him solely on the basis that “future Noah” contacted APHEXTV by himself. So what information did future Noah provide present Noah with that was so irrefutable? 
But future Noah knows how present Noah “moves around”.

And any information or predictions future Noah could give us from the year 2070?
He can’t say. 
He shouldn’t say. 
But just in case he does, he’s micro chipped to prevent him from doing so.  (Note: it’s not the wrist chip from the original story apparently)

APEXTV mention contacting a doctor to do a DNA and X-ray “test” following the interview, to which the two (or one?) agree. 
They promise to post the results on twitter or Instagram, but have not done so as of yet. 
Future video, perhaps?

I believe APEXTV know Noah IRL and he’s likely collecting a portion of the Ad revenue or is already connected to them in some way. Either that or we’re left with the idea that he’s reached out himself as a prank to get a bit of internet fame. I really don’t want to believe that “Noah Novak” genuinely believes any of this and I’m sure if he did his family or those close to him would have gotten him help by now.
 This likely isn’t the last we’ve seen of Noah and his signature pixelated face and maroon shirts, so for those of you that want to follow his predictions, you can do so on APEXTV's channel. 

Honestly, as ridiculous as I find this story, I can’t deny that’s its actually been fun and also it’s a nice break from the unsolved murders and missing people cases we’ve been looking at here on RLIH. 
I most likely won’t update on this story, as I think I’ve had my fill of Noah Novak for now, but maybe I’ll give them a follow on instagram. Maybe?

Until next time, stay safe everyone. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

What really happened to Granger Taylor? (Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada UFO related disappearance in 1980)

I recently remembered reading about the case of a UFO enthusiast who went missing one night in the eighties after leaving a note about going on a journey to outer space and really wanted to look into it. The story is wild, so I thought I’d dig a little deeper and we could take a look at it together.

On the 29th of November, 1980, a 32 year old man named Granger Ormond Taylor walked out of his parent’s home in Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Colombia, Canada. He left behind a strange hand written note, promising his valuables and money to his parents and explaining that he was going to board an alien spacecraft where he would go on a trip around the universe. A hand-drawn map of Waterloo Mountain was sketched on the back of goodbye note.

The note:
Dear Mother and Father, I have gone away to walk aboard an alien spaceship, as recurring dreams assured a 42-month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return. I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help. Love, Granger.

Granger had also left a will. He had scribbled out the word “death” in the document, and corrected it instead with “departure”.

I have questions: 
1. Was this a suicide note?
2. Did Granger truly believe he was going off into space with his alien associates? 
3. If so, how did he imagine this would be achieved? (for example, did he believe he was going to wait atop a mountain and be picked up in a UFO)
4. Was suicide involved in this mission?

When I read about this case I can’t help but think of the group suicide orchestrated by Marshall Applewhite and the “Heaven’s gate” cult. Applewhite taught that suicide was needed in order to board a spacecraft that would be trailing behind the Hale–Bopp comet. (View their active website here)
Did Granger Taylor have a hypothesis of his own when it came to inter-dimensional travel?
Also, note that he gives a time frame for his return: 42 months, or 3 and a half years. Did he cross out “death” in his will and replace it with “departed” because he truly believed that he would return to Earth after 42 months of interstellar travel? 

The man:
The note was found in the barn which Granger used as a workshop. He had a knack for taking things apart and putting them back together and was a naturally talented mechanic. Granger eventually dropped out of high school to pursue his calling and worked at a mechanic shop in the area.  He went on to rebuild various vehicles he found out in the woods in the surrounding areas of Duncan, such as a small World War 2 biplane, a train engine and a bulldozer. Granger restored the bi-plane (A Kitty Hawk) to such a degree that it reportedly later sold for $20,000 a year or so after he went missing.  
 He even constructed his own alien space craft in the backyard. Apparently he made it from scrap metal and a couple of discarded satellite dishes and spent endless hours reading, researching and studying the mechanics that went into creating such a craft. The obsession with this project may have come from the fact that he reportedly believed he was in communication with alien beings. Apparently he would talk openly about the conversations he had with the aliens, even mentioning the trip he was going to take on their craft. From what I can gather, though, his loved ones thought he was talking about dreams or fantasies and never for a moment though he would one day drive off into the night never to be seen again.
In an interview with Vice, a friend of Taylors, Mr. Robert Keller, explains that the missing man did frequently dream that aliens were going to collect him one day and that he actually slept in the space craft he constructed, now and again.  An article in the express describes the UFO as more of a space-themed structure that could be comfortably slept in overnight and had been fitted with various pieces of furniture, a TV set and stove. Taylor would sit inside of the craft and mill over the mechanics behind powering such a vehicle.
I managed to find a picture of the craft (here) and it really is quite impressive. It has a real retro look to it, a sort of up-turned flat-topped straw hat with a domed saucer on top and bunny ear antennas. It's reminiscent of the style of UFO you find in old stories of self-proclaimed alien abduction victims from the sixties and seventies.

Those who knew him describe him as a genius, lonely, a gentle giant, a brilliant eccentric with a love for all things outer space who liked to smoke a blunt now and again. He was serious about his creations, though, and he was serious about the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms. According to friends Granger Taylor had been dropping acid several times a day in the lead up to his disappearance.

Waterloo Mountain:
So what about the map of the mountain drawn on the reverse side of Grangers goodbye note? Waterloo mountain is just under 20 miles from Taylor’s parent house in Duncan via Holt road. It would have taken him around 50 minutes to drive there in his highlighter pink 1972 Datsun pickup, but let’s also keep in mind that the night of November 29th was a rainy one. Searches of the weather for that specific date don’t correlate with the “raging storms” noted in other articles as we’re lead to believe, but still, dark night, slick road, possibility of an accident?

If the map of the mountain had any connection to where he was planning to drive that night, the 32 year old would have been in for a rough hike. There are many stories online of people attempting to hike on Vancouver Island in less than perfect weather conditions and having to be airlifted to safety after getting stranded for several days. Looking at the drive from his hometown to Waterloo Mountain we can see how rural and isolated the area is, nothing but trees and I imagine darkness for miles. Could it be a possibility that Granger Taylor veered off course or had an accident?
The conspiracy theory articles you can find online about this case indicate that no car or remains relating to Granger Taylor were ever found, but this is not correct. It may add to the spooky-factor to tell people he vanished without a trace, but it’s simply not true.
Take a look at this newspaper clipping and you’ll see that six years after Taylor went missing fragments of his Datsun pickup and pieces of human bone were found at a blast site nearby Mount Prevost. Mount Prevost is just under an hour away from Duncan. The bones were eventually identified as the remains of Granger Taylor.

So what happened?

Apparently Taylor had dynamite with him in his truck. It’s not as random as it sounds, as he regularly used dynamite to dispose of tree-stumps on his parents land. Either accidentally or deliberately the explosives blew up both granger and the car. The only thing we’re not sure of is, how and why.
Did he blow himself up or was it an accident?
Nobody knows for sure, but in my opinion, I feel as though coupled with the goodbye note and will, that he it’s certainly possible he did it on purpose. Check out the article:

So there we have it. 

Apparently there's a documentary being made, due to be released sometime this year, so keep your eyes open for that. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

What happened to Tiffany Daniels?

Since I do a lot of recent true crime cases over at the Generation Why podcast Blog, I thought I’d stick with (slightly) older missing and unsolved cases over here at RLIH 

Today I’ve been reading about a girl called Tiffany H. Daniels who went missing from Pensacola, Florida in the summer of 2013 and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Oh also, before we proceed, I’ve commandeered the equipment necessary for recording audio and was wondering if I should (attempt) to start a podcast or maybe make podcast style videos (with visuals) on my YouTube channel? The channel has been pretty inactive for a while now and never realllllly got started, but would it be something you’d be interested in? Let me know.

Alright, here we go.
Tiffany Daniels was a 25 year old woman from Dallas, Texas who lived, worked and studied in Pensacola, Florida. According to one of Tiffany’s high-school classmates (who made THIS post in r/unresolvedmysteries) the missing young woman completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Pensacola High School. She then went on to work at the Pensacola State College as a state technician, painting the sets for various productions.

On the 11th of August, 2011, Tiffany H. Daniels went to meet her boyfriend for breakfast. It was a slightly somber occasion as the young man was relocating to Austin to study robotics at the University of Texas. Although understandably down at the prospect of a long distance relationship, Daniels had high spirits about the idea of visiting her boyfriend in Austin. He had originally invited her to move there with him, but despite her love for adventure, she declined in favor of staying put in Florida.

In various reports online her family and friends describe her as “free-spirited”, “an artist”, “friendly” and “creative”. Tiffany was very sociable, positive and charismatic. She regularly hosted well-attended local events such as swing blues dance nights and everyone who came into contact with her seemed to love her. 
After reading several articles about the case I get the feeling that she was one of those kind-hearted, hippie girls who just liked being around nature, hiking and appreciating the surroundings a picturesque place like Pensacola has to offer. It seems as though she just liked to be around people she could vibe with and put on events to attract kindred spirits and enjoy life.

The next day, on the 12th, Tiffany clocked out of work at 4:43 in the afternoon- earlier than she usually left work, but she had been granted permission to do so after asking earlier in the day. On her way out of work she informed her supervisor that she wouldn’t back for several days but neglected to give a reason for her absence.  
All I can find online regarding an excuse for her time off was that she "had things to take care of."

According to the Charley project page for her case she was last seen at 5pm in the university car park. I assume she was getting into her car, which is described as a Toyota 4Runner in the color gray with the registration number ECBOR. 

From there she is thought to have driven home to the place she shared with her roommate.

Apparently she briefly returned home but quickly left. Her roommate was there at the time, however he said he in his room having a phone call with his girlfriend and did not see Tiffany, only heard what he believed to be her returning home quickly.

The Roommate: 
Now Tiffany met her roommate on Craigslist after placing an advert there. 
I know several of you most likely cringed reading that, considering the craigslist horror stories out there, but the man who responded, although more than double her age, turned out to be the father of one of her friends. 
His name was Gary Nichols and he was 54 years old. It sounds strange on paper, but the two did seem to have a lot of things in common (such as meat-free diets and various pastimes etc.) and they seemed to be good friends, plus, he was old enough and responsible enough to pay the rent on time, something Tiffany’s previous roommates had neglected to do, which had left her with financial issues.

The night before Tiffany disappeared, she and Nichols had watched “Monty Python and the Holy grail” in preparation for the production she had been working on, “Spamalot”, which was set to open the following night. Nichols claimed that they both retired to their respective rooms for the night when the film was over in order to be refreshed for work the next day.

The following morning, the 54 year old noticed something off about his roommate’s routine- Tiffany had gotten up very early (for her) at around 5am, which he says, was very unlike her. He claims he heard what he believed to be Daniels getting up and opening and closing the door repeatedly but didn’t see her, despite getting out of bed to have a look. Although unusual, he shrugged it off and went back to sleep, leaving later at his usual time of 7AM. On his way out he noticed that Tiffany’s car wasn’t parked outside and assumed that she’d just left early to work.   
Apparently she arrived at work on time. What time was that exactly?
Does that mean there were a couple of hours where she was off doing something else? If so, what was she doing exactly?

When Tiffany didn’t go home that night, Gary Nichols went into dad-mode and called his daughter asking what he should do. His daughter assured him that Tiffany was likely fine and probably just off hanging out with other friends, which is a fine assumption to make considering how sociable she was.
The fact that Nichols worried about her not coming back, and the fact that her family was unaware of any upcoming road trips, makes me think that the Pensacola State College was the only place that Daniels informed she was leaving.
Why would she inform her place of work, but not her roommate, family or friends?

Gary Nichols called Tiffany’s phone several times over the following day and night, and eventually convinced his daughter to send a Facebook message to Tiffany’s parents. 
The remainder of the week was spent contacting a long list of the missing woman’s friends, before eventually hitting a dead end and calling the local police to officially report her missing.

People of interest:
Tiffany’s boyfriend was one of the first persons of interest in the case, but he was found to have been in Austin at the time of her disappearance, just like he said he was.
Roommate Gary Nichols had expressed concern instantly at the disappearance and since there was no signs of foul play back at the house they shared, he was never really considered a suspect by investigators.

The car:
Just over a week after the young woman had been missing, a family friend who had been jogging in the area stumbled upon Tiffany Daniels car in a parking lot in park west, which Google maps informs us non-locals is a public beach on Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Her phone, bag, wallet and bike were all found still inside of the vehicle, as well as a few articles of clothing, water and a jar of peanut butter. Two finger prints (one on the wheel and one of the door handle) were found by police, they did not match Tiffany’s prints.

There was sand on the bicycle tires but not on the car tires.

The only way to get to the beach is by crossing over Bob Sikes Fishing Pier, so naturally police checked the CCTV cameras and discovered that the car had crossed over the bridge to the island at exactly 7:51PM on the night that Tiffany went missing. 

The footage was not clear enough to determine if Tiffany was the driver or not. When police asked locals for information they were informed that the vehicle had not been parked there for the entire several days that Tiffany had been missing. According to several witnesses who lived in an apartment overlooking the car park the car had been parked there no more than two days before it was discovered by the Daniel family’s friend. Some witnesses even said they saw a man climb out of the vehicle and that it was parked in a disorganized way. 

Two years later another witness would contact the police to inform them that on the day Tiffany’s car was found parked at the beach they saw a shirtless man clad in red shorts opening the trunk of the vehicle. They described him as being white and between the age of 30-40. . Apparently this matches up with the description/ statement provided by the residents of the apartment block.

Many tips and sightings poured in to the Facebook page set up by Tiffany’s family, however nothing came of the alleged sightings. One sighting, however, stands out from the others.
A waitress at a restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana, recounted a strange table she had waited one night in January of 2014. She claimed that a well-dressed, older Latina woman sat down at a table with two younger women, one of which, she claimed, looked just like Tiffany Daniels, whom she had remembered from news reports. She said the girl enquired about the broth used in one of the dishes she was considering ordering, asking if the stock was chicken or fish based. Tiffany was a pescatarian. When the waitress pointed out she looked like a missing girl named Tiffany Daniels, the three left.

Tiffany H. Daniels has not been found.

What do you think happened?