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What happened to Trevor Deely? The kidnapping of Chloe Ayling. The Delphi murders. Cosmo DiNardo. The Beaumont children case solved?

Hey everyone, I've written about a lot of cases in the last few months so please do take a look. I'll write a short summary of each case so you can select which one you want to read.
These blogs were written for the Generation why podcast, where I write weekly blogs. You can check them out here, they are all about recent cases or recent updates in older unsolved cases. 

Where is Trevor Deely? 
Trevor Deely went missing on the 8th of December 2000 after attending a Christmas party. An unidentified man appears to be waiting for and following him on various CCTV cameras. Trevor was never seen again, but there have been some recent updates in the case. Read about it in full HERE <<

The kidnapping of Chloe Ayling
A 20 year old British model is injected with ketamine at a fake photoshoot and kidnapped. After being stuffed into a suitcase she is driven to a rural area and kept captive in a house where her abductor explains he will sell her on a live action on the deep web to the highest bidder.  READ THE FULL STORY <<

The Snapchat killer
Two girls are found murdered on a trail in Delphi. One of the girls manages to record a video of a man who is now believed to be the main suspect in the case and uploads it to Snapchat.
Read about recent updates in the case by clicking HERE<<

The Cosmo DiNardo case
Four young men went missing and were eventually found buried on 20 year old Cosmo DiNardo's family farm.
He posted Snaps of himself aiming a gun at the camera and making generally violent statements around the time of the murders. Read the full story HERE <<

Where is Matthew Leveson? 
20 year old Matthew Leveson was last seen on CCTV leaving a club with his much older partner after a row. He was never seen again and his partner claims he was not involved even after being caught buying very suspicious items on the CCTV of a hardware store the following day. CONTINUE READING <<

Marcus Volke
“I was cooking on my stove” a voice explained.
“It’s an electric stove and the stock pot boiled over, dripped down and got into the oven and basically made this big bang and then the power turned off.”
“Does it sound like something you would be able to fix today?” The man enquired.
Sounds like a completely normal call to an electrician doesn’t it?
Sadly it wasn't, and the foul odor from the pot on the stove was not that of pork broth at all... READ HERE<<

Georgia Jean Weckler
A little girl goes missing in 1947 after being dropped off at the end of her road by a friends mother after school.
Later an eye witness reports seeing a small girl locked in a car banging on the windows. READ <<

Is the case of the Beaumont children almost solved?
Three siblings set off for a fun day at the beach in 1966 and were never seen again. Does the diary of the son of a new suspect place the man at the scene of the crime? READ MORE <<

The murder of Alice Ruggles
When Alice Ruggles flat mate found her dead on the bathroom floor of their apartment, she knew exactly who was responsible.
“She’s covered in blood!”, “Her leg looks broken!”, “She’s blue!”
She pointed the finger of blame at Miss Ruggles obsessive ex-boyfriend during a frantic call to the emergency services.

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What really happened to Andrew Gosden? NEW BUZZ

I had to quickly share this link with you guys.
I was on Reddit/unresolvedmysteries when I saw a user who did a bit of sleuthing online and thinks that they found a sighting of Andrew in London at a YouTube convention in 2007.

View the thread here

People in the comments section are pretty excited about it, some aren't at all, what do you think?

(The original footage from the train station. Source)

Now this is from the Reddit post. 
The bags a different colour- that's the first thing that strikes me.
This screenshot is from this youtube video. 
An update in the post states that the user contacted Andrew's father and his dad doesn't believe his son is in the footage.

There were a lot of kids who looked like Andrew in the series of videos and photos supposedly from the day he went missing.
Here are some more examples people in the unresolved comments thought were worth looking at.

1. From the video of a meeting posted here
(made by this user)

2. Group photo from what appears to be the same Youtube meeting back in 2007.

(I enlarged it)

This boy looks a bit older and taller (could be standing on the monument base I suppose) and his hair looks a bit longer (although Andrew did have a bit of a party in the back in other pictures)

There's longer clips of him here

Even if this isn't Andrew, this looks like something (other than a concert) that a kid like him might attend.

If you're interested in other peoples theories read the comments 

Just found out about this post on 4Chan from an anonymous poster who thinks they may know Andrew, although he goes by a different name and is based in Wales.

(Andrew left. 4Chan users friend right. Source and thread)

Monday, 3 July 2017

The Tattingstone suitcase murder - body found in two suitcases in 1967 cold case

On the 16th of January 1967, a man by the name of Mr. Frederick Burggy made a grisly discovery behind a hedge in Tattingstone, Suffolk, just 200 yards away from the nearby A137.

(google maps)

 Burggy, a farm worker from Folly farm (some reports state “willows Grove”) Bentley, Ipswich, discovered two suitcases in the grass while harrowing the field on his tractor. At first he passed them by thinking nothing of it, possibly grumbling about how people always discarded their trash there, but the second time he passed them, curiosity got the better of him and he got down to take a look.

Inside the cases were the decapitated remains of a partially clothed teenage boy split between the two.
 The boy was estimated to be between ages of 15 – 20 and was thought to have been killed around two days before he was found. It was determined that he had died of asphyxiation as a result of strangulation (articles do not state if the strangulation was ligature or manual). The boy was also found to have been sexually assaulted.

Many years later in an interview with the Ipswich Star, Oliver’s younger brother had this to say:
“Bernard’s nails were manicured and he had a ten Guinea haircut. Obviously he had been looked after by whoever he was with. The police didn’t find his trousers, shoes, or underwear. All they found was his sports jacket in two suitcases. There’s just so many things that seemed wrong. I always believed Bernard was set up (to be killed).”

After having no luck in identifying the John Doe, police took a step unusual in England and released an image of the teenagers severed head to the media in an attempt to identify him.

(Ipswich star)

He was eventually identified as missing 17 year old Bernard Michael Oliver, who had neglected to return to his Muswell hill home in North London after going out with friends ten days earlier on the 6th

The boy was employed as a warehouse worker at a factory in Crouch end.
Oliver’s killer was never caught and who did this to him and why remains a mystery to this day, but what information do we have to go on?

Let’s look at the suitcases first.


As you can see in this photograph from the ITV website, the initials “P.V.A” are painted on the side of the case. What does PVA mean in this instance? Are they initials?

(suffolk police)

In this photograph of the suitcases from the Suffolk Police website we can see 3 suitcases (why 3 am I being dumb here? is one of them stripped or something?). 
One of them clearly has “P.V.A” painted on it and all of them look pretty flimsy.

Next there’s the matter of a small towel that was found in one of the cases along with parts of Bernard Oliver’s body. There was a laundry mark on the tag that read “QL42”. 

A laundry mark (as I’m sure you know, but anyways) is just an identifying mark to link the possession back to the owner when they send their clothing to be cleaned. As an investigator you could visit Laundromats in the area at the time of the crime and ask to see their records and maybe obtain some more information (a name, address, description of the customer etc.) from there in order to move on, or in the case of a ship or whatever (there’s a dock in Ipswich not so far from the crime scene) board whatever vessels landed that day and search the register for any crew onboard with whatever initials were written on the tag (in this case QL maybe?)

So for example if you find a Quentin Lennon on board the towel probably belonged to him, and was either borrowed or stolen from him or he’s suspect no.1 (or could at least provide the next clue in cracking the case.)

This website explains it very well.
This goes in depth about old techniques used by police in US around the late fifties. Pretty interesting if you have a spare 20 minutes. This is worth a read too.

(US air force manual)

The above example of a laundry code from a US air force website it uses the first letter of the surname and the last four letters of their social security number as an identification.

So the “QL 42” and “P.V.A” are the best physical pieces of evidence left at the scene that we have to go on for this case really. But what do they stand for?

One more thing that was found was a box of matches described as “marketed in Israel” but I couldn’t find an image or a brand name. Maybe police were withholding that information in case anyone came forward to claim responsibility?

So what about witnesses and sightings?
Did anyone see Bernard Oliver between the 6th and 16th of January 1967?

Well apparently “some people” did see him around the area he lived in, and also in Tattingstone. One witness said he saw a man wearing latex gloves as he walked by the docks in Ipswich. A woman said she saw a man walking alone in the direction of the discovery site on the night Oliver’s remains were found. She said he was clad in a trilby and a long trench coat and that he even had a suitcase in his hand.

Strangely, concerning the witness who saw a man oddly wearing latex medical gloves by the docks, two of the main suspects in the case were actually doctors (namely Martin Reddington and John Byles) with a history of abuse.

 It turned out that Reddington even owned a practice in the area that the victim was from and he even relocated multiple times to escape warrants out for his arrest. It turned out that Reddington couldn’t stop committing crimes against young males either and was even arrested on similar charges in the country he fled to. 
Byles also couldn’t keep his nose clean and eventually committed suicide, unable to live with the things he had done. The notes he left behind in the hotel room where he killed himself were general and did not take responsibility for any specific crime but apologized for "what he had done".

Yet another suspect (Producer and song writer Joe Meek) committed suicide with a shotgun(less than a month after the suitcases were found) and it is thought that he was a previous employer of Brian Oliver, although I don’t think it’s been confirmed.  He killed his land lady before killing himself.
Apparently the date was significant because he was obsessed with Buddy Holly (who died on the 3rd of February in 1959)


Notorious London gangster Reggie Kray also made the list of suspects, but never specifically admitted to killing Bernard Oliver.

So who really killed the teenage boy and why?
The case remains unsolved.

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What really happened to Brandon Lawson? What did he really say in that 911 call?

Good evening friends.
Last week at work I was listening to the True Crime garage two-part podcast on missing man Brandon Lawson (which you can listen to by clicking right here)
In the episodes they try to dissect and analyze the call Brandon made to 911. They isolate each sentence, clean it up, slow it down, play it normal speed, you name it, they do it.
Believe it or not, despite knowing of this case, I’ve never actually looked into it, meaning I have no preconceived idea of what Brandon is actually saying, nor have I ever frequented any forum posts on the subject or websites discussing the recording. I really liked the fact that True Crime Garage didn’t attempt to lead the listener in any one direction at the start of their podcast, and I found their break down of the 911 call really helpful.

(Brandon. Source)

All I originally knew about the case was that a few years ago a twenty something man stormed out of his home somewhere in the USA after a spat with his long term girlfriend. He drove off and was never seen again. His truck was found parked on a highway and all anyone investigating the case has to go on was the panicked phone call he made to the emergency services.

It’s hard to make out what Lawson actually says in the call in some parts, but for me at least, clear enough in others. The problem is that in some ways it’s like listening to an EVP, everyone hears something different and the overall audio is garbled. Often times people just seem to shoe horn in words that feel like they’d fit into whatever situation they imagine is happening. The fact of the matter is, nobody actually knows what happened, and Brandon is still missing to this day.

So what do we know to be true?

-Well we can confirm that Brandon Lawson had an argument with his wife.
-He left the house and got in his truck.
-His truck was found parked awkwardly on highway 277.
-A passing truck driver made a call reporting it, but the call is not available to listen to and what was actually said has apparently never been revealed. Most people assume that he was the one reporting the awkwardly parked truck as a hazard to other drivers. We do not know for sure.
-Brandon called his brother to say he had run out of gas. As a result, Brandon’s brother went out looking for him.
-Brandon’s wife did not answer any of the multiple calls Brandon and his brother made to her that night.
-Brandon called 911 and placed the following call.

(Heads up, you might want to click to another tab or not look at the screen while listening as there’s some transcript at the start)

I want to point out that at this point in the post I have still not researched the call. So I’m going to type up my version of what I hear. I’m not going to include all what the operator says as in my opinion it’s quite clear, I’m quite sure you’ll agree with me on that.
After that, I’ll research and get into it.

This is what I hear:

“Hey I’m in the middle of a field, a (cypher?) just pushed some guys over”
“Right here going towards Averlene on both sides”

“My truck ran out of gas, there’s one car here – got chased (taken?) to the woods”
“Please hurry”

“ 'Cause when I was talkin’to ‘em, I suddenly ran into ‘em”

(The operator then says “Oh you ran into them okay”)

“Got (Shot? / just?) the first guy”

The operator then asks if Brandon needs an ambulance, to which he replies “ye-no, I need the cops”

This is strange to me, because when I listen to this phone call I feel as though I’m hearing someone report an accident. But when he rejects the ambulance and confirms he needs the cops, that throws me off and makes me think there’s some sort of ongoing crime happening.
At the end of the call the operator asks “is anybody hurt?

Brandon does not respond and what sounds like the engine of a vehicle can be heard, then the phone call cuts.

Now, let’s get into the happenings of the night the man went missing.

So Brandon Lawson went missing from Bronte (Coke County) Texas.
This information makes me re-think what I heard as “On both sides” because A) what does that even mean in the context or a moving person / vehicle? And B) towards “Bronte” just seems to make more sense in this situation.
So I hit up my old friend Google maps to help me out, since I have no geographic knowledge of Texas at all, and I get this. So now I’m thinking he’s saying “Right here going towards Abilene on Bronte side” – this makes much more sense.

(Image: google maps)

The fastest route to Abilene from Bronte is via highway 277, which, according to this missing poster for Brandon, is exactly where his truck was found. This is also confirmed in the phone call he made to his brother, who set off to take him a jerry can of gas.

This video shows the location more clearly.

Now that we know what the location looks like and have a brief idea of where Brandon was last recorded to be, let’s try and put together a timeline of events that happened the night he seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

9th August 2013
-Brandon left his San Angelo residence at approximately 11:53pm. He and his long term girlfriend (and mother of his children) got into an argument and he left.

-Brandon calls his brother at 12.38

-Brandon makes the 911 call we discussed above at 12:54

- Both Brandon’s brother and an officer show up at the unlocked, abandoned truck at the same time, around 1.10am
Brandon was not there and was never seen or heard from again

There’s talk of Brandon possibly hiding from the authorities due to an outstanding warrant. That doesn’t make much sense to me seeing as Brandon called 911 of his own accord and sounded in desperate need of assistance. Also I think for most people, if their life was in danger, they would probably think ‘screw the warrant”. I know we don’t know this for a fact, but the guy called 911 for assistance, so clearly whatever was happening to him was way more serious than getting arrested for the warrant. It seems unrealistic that he would leave behind his wife, children, family, job and everyone and everything he had ever known just to dodge a warrant. Am I alone in this thought?

(Brandon, his common law wife and kids. Source)

Now I’m going to research other people’s interpretations of the phone call and see what they heard. Maybe their translation of the tape can shine some light in the direction of what actually happened.

 So the first place I went to was the unresolved mysteries reddit sub. There was a post about Brandon there and one commenter (subtlelikeatrex) happened to also agree with what I thought I heard in the call.

 Another comment I found really interesting was this one, because it's written by someone who is actually from the area. 

Remember this is just this guys theory.(above)

Now one thing I read in the comments, which never occurred to me as I listened to the tape, is that there was more than one person on the call (on Brandon's end) and that it sounds like it's on speaker phone. Apparently when the dispatcher asks if Brandon needs an ambulance, another voice says "yeah" and then Brandon says "no". Honestly I never thought that the first time, I thought Brandon cut himself off, like "yea-no" and was just panting from running. But now that I listen to it with that idea in mind, I can entertain it (or am I being swayed here?) Either way, it doesn't change what is said in the clip, but him not being alone just adds to the mystery. This is why some people believe that Brandon ran out of gas, or was approached by someone at a rest stop where he assumed his brother would meet him, met someone there who was in trouble and started getting chased down by whoever was after that first guy. He did say in the call he was "in a field", not "by his car" so that would imply he was running from something. 

Some speculate that he was on drugs (meth) and was in a state of paranoia out alone in the darkness in the middle of nowhere. 

Some think that he was saying "State trooper" pulled some guys over (as in the ST was doing some dodgy dealings with locals, Brandon happened to run into them and see the deal going down and they chased him into the woods) 
One reddit user believes that the tape was actually edited, and recorded their own version of how they thought the original went. Check it out here << 

One person suggested Brandon was saying "A scraper just pushed some guys over" as in a type of construction vehicle that may have been on the road for some reason.

There is an endless amount of discussion on this case.
If you want to read more comments and theories or check out the reports and media on the case try these links:

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Amber Gail Creek, The bodies in the barrels, Christine Thornton and Rodney Alcala "The dating game killer".

Hey, how's it going?
Sorry there's been a bit of a gap in my posting schedule (did I actually ever have one? haha) but I've been writing blogs for Generation why podcast in my spare time- so I promise I'm not slacking off on my true crime / cold case duties!
I haven't been able to post here as much as I'd like to, but obviously you can read what I have written over there. 
Thought I'd just give you a heads up, because the few cases I've done so far are very interesting!

As you know from my previous post the other week, I wrote about Amber Creek. Amber went missing in the 1990's and her killer was only recently identified. You can read that post here << click click

(Above. Amber Creek. Source)

I also recapped and blogged about recent updates in the Bear brooks murder case (you may know it as "the bodies in the barrels" or a similar name)
The case revolves around the bodies of a woman and child found wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a barrel in 1985. Some years later yet another barrel would be discovered containing the bodies of two more little girls. It would later be revealed that they were all connected and only recently has the mystery of what happened to them (and who committed the brutal act) come to light. 
If you're interested in reading it, you can do so here << click click

(One of the barrels. Source)

The last post currently up there from me is "Finding Christine Thornton". This post is about a woman who had searched for her missing sister for years to no avail. One day she was browsing through a series of photographs released by the FBI that were from the collection of the "dating game killer" Rodney Alcala's personal collection, when she saw a familiar face looking back at her...
You can read about that case in its entirety by clicking here <<

(The photograph in question. source)

I completed another post last week too, it'll be published over at generation why pretty soon. This one is about a headless and limbless torso discovered behind a gas station. The case is no longer cold as it has thankfully been solved. I fear the person that is responsible may have committed more crimes than we know of. So remember to check back for that.
I'll be posting here this weekend, so see you then!

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Generation why podcast and the murder of Amber Creek

Hey everyone, I have some news to share- I'm now a contributor over at the generation why podcast website!
I started a new job last month where I'm able to listen to podcasts all day long, which is something I previously never had a lot of extra time for. Generation why was the one that got me hooked, so I was totally excited when they asked me to write posts for them. 
The first topic I wrote about was the murder of Amber Creek which you can read by clicking here .

You can listen to the Generation the generation why podcasts over at their website [X] 
In their own words "Two friends, Aaron and Justin, discuss theories and share their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries, conspiracies, and true crime."

If you don't have a lot of spare time to read, listening to true crime podcasts is a good way to catch up on recent cases and get new insights into old ones. 
I'll be making a favorite true crime podcasts post later this month, so check back for that. If you're old school you can sign up for Real Life is Horror updates by email by submitting your email into the box on the right. 

Catch you later!

Saturday, 22 April 2017

What happened to Nan Dixon? Nevada, 1979

A user over at Tumblr asked me what I thought happened to missing woman Nan Dixon.
Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the case before, so I decided to check it out and write a post of my own.

73 year old Nan Celine Dixon went missing on the 21st of September in 1978 from Grass Valley, California. Dixon had set off from her grass valley home and was making her way to Seven Troughs, Nevada to drop in on her brother, a man named Harry Leighton. He owed her around $6000 and she was going to collect it.

According to her Doenetwork page the journey should have taken around three hours and her destination was around 180 miles away nearby a place called Lovelock.
She was to make the trip alone, riding in her 1976 Datsun B210. I’ve seen it described as “Lime green” or “Yellowish green” in color with California plates, registration 915RHV. 

Nan Dixon never met with her brother and his family and despite searches was never heard from again. Strangely, around three months later the missing woman’s husband noticed that $4.18 had been used on his charge card. It turned out that the cash had been spent on gas in Lovelock. The monthly statement revealed it was a Texaco gas station. Despite further searches no trace of Nan Dixon or her vehicle were found. The lime green Datsun was eventually discovered by hunters four years after Dixon had been reported missing.

Strangely it was found in a place that investigators had previously looked, (apparently the car was found on “Eagle Picher mining property.”/ 40.29482, -118.7821)

 This, coupled with tire marks that seemed to pull off the main highway and drive down into a valley and into a gorge, suggested that the car had been deliberately driven in that direction. Nan Dixon’s body was not in the car but the Charley project page states that there were a couple of pieces of duct tape, one of which had “possible human tissue” and a strand of hair. It doesn’t say whether or not the hair and tissue belonged to Dixon or someone else. If they did belong to Dixon it could suggest she was gagged at some point, although if she was using the tape it would have been quite easy to get a piece of her own skin and hair on it in general. The case report also states that there “appeared” to be blood on the rim of the car tire, the tire itself and in the trunk. I’m not sure why it is stated to only “appear” as blood, I mean is it or isn’t it? It’s not difficult to confirm. Also was it her blood or not? Does anyone else know?
 A commenter on the reddit unresolved page said it wasn’t proven to be blood.

In a Ventura county star article from 1982 Deputy Sheriff Bill Davis admitted that he suspected foul play due to evidence found in the car, but did not elaborate.

There were four empty cigarette packs in Dixon’s car too. She was described by her family as a “light smoker” and since the packs found in the Datsun weren’t her usual brand they don’t believe that they belonged to the missing woman. To be honest, I know light smokers who sometimes smoke more depending on what they’re doing or how they’re feeling and who would rather some a brand they didn’t like over nothing, so I’m not sure if the cigarettes indicate anything suspicious. I suppose (at a stretch) if they think someone else moved the car since it wasn’t there when they did the previous searches it could be a clue to who moved it, but it really isn’t much to go on.

 I should note that the gas tank was half full. Could this be the $4.18 of gas in Lovelock? A full tank of gas for that specific model of car in the late seventies / early eighties was around $8, so that could make sense.

Now another thing found in Datsun was what police believed to be a suicide note. Here’s a copy of it

(image source)

The general consensus is that it says:

"...keeps telling me to use my gun and end my nightmare, but this I'll never do for God gives life, only God can take life, committing suicide is the unpardonable sin and I will never be..."

What could this mean?

Some suggest that she might have got into a survival type situation and considered ending it with her gun, but couldn’t do it due to religious beliefs.
She was found in an area by hunters so it possible she could have went off the road and was taken by wild animals? The note seems desperate and scared, like she’s in a situation where she feels she had no way out and contemplates ending it with her gun. It’s possible she just wandered off and didn’t make it.
What happened to Nan? C. Dixon?
The case remains unsolved.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Eric Harris, Dylann Klebold and the Columbine High School massacre of 1999

I was debating over which case to write about this week when it was pointed out to me that it’s the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine high school massacre this month. I've never written about Columbine here, since I mostly just concentrate on unsolved / unidentified / mysteries etc. But I thought I'd do something a little different today.

When writing this I read somewhere that authorities almost searched Eric Harris' house before the attack actually took place, as he had publicly posted on his website about having explosives etc. The search never happened. If it did they probably would have found evidence of the premeditated attack since as far as I can tell the boys did stash their weapons etc. in Eric's room. Also they really did document almost everything on video and in writing.

Harris seemed to have a lot of problems with anger and was struggling with depression and although he managed to put on a charm in front of his councilors there were indications that he wasn't in a good place. I wonder if his family ever believed something was up?

This tragic event also brought up a lot of discussions about gun laws in the US.

Well, lets get into it. I can't go over ever single detail since there's so much out there, but I'll provide links to the places where you can read about or watch certain aspects in depth, alright?

Also, before we get into this case, let’s take a moment to remember those who died in the attack.
Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough, Dave Sanders, Steve Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser, Kyle Velasquez, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin and Corey DePooter.

The 20th of April marks the anniversary of the Columbine massacre in which 13 people were killed (12 students and 1 teacher), 21 others injured and the perpetrators committed suicide. 

The students who planned and executed the shooting were two seniors at Columbine high named Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennett Klebold. 
After the massacre, notebooks and tapes revealed that the pair had been planning and working up to the shooting several months before the attack. 

They had got their hands on firearms and were recorded practicing their shooting on a home video, they read up on how to make various types of bombs and obtained the material to do so, making plans and notes of where to plant them around the school building.
They both worked at a local pizza place where they once experimented with dry ice bombs on a slow day. They purchased guns through a friend who was old enough to buy them legally and practiced shooting at trees in the local area. 

Eric Harris affectionately referred to his shotgun as Arlene, a nod to the DOOM video game, of which he was an avid player. You can see a short video of their shooting practice here [X]

The two friends were like chalk and cheese- Eric was short in both height and temper and Dylan was tall with a gentle demeanor. Eric’s father was an air force man and the family moved around, while Dylan’s family were liberal, church going pacifists who tried to enlighten their children with both art and culture, even naming both of their sons after poets. 
After the massacre Eric's family would shun media attention and Dylan's mother would later go on to open up about her son an attempt to understand exactly what happened and why. 

Harris and Klebold did share another interest- their hatred for Columbine high school and everyone in it. They would go on to plot and execute one of the most infamous school shootings of a generation.

The teens had minor run-ins with the law for stealing a computer from a parked van and were made to attended a couple of courses as punishment. Eric also attended an anger management course and it is reported that he took anti-depressants due to low mood, anger and suicidal thoughts (Initially Zoloft, before being put on Luvox.) 

Family and friends said that they had no idea what the pair had in store. Klebold had attended the prom with a friend only three days before the shooting and the two were attending school as normal up until the day of the attack. They were said to get bullied but did have their own circle of friends so weren’t loners or outcasts as such. Both had similar tastes in music, dressed alike and had an interest in film and computers. Ominously 4 months before the massacre they shot a video titled “Hitmen for hire” where they both dressed in long, black duster jackets and assassinated bullies for students who called them. Although goofy, it was a hint of things to come. 

The boys shot many short films, which you can watch here: [X]

Online and on paper they went by their nicknames; Eric went as “Reb” (from rebel) and variants of the same name and Klebold went as “VoDKA” (his drink of choice apparently).  The massacre plan itself was referred to as “NBK” a nod to the Tarintino film “Natural born killers” in which a couple with bad childhoods seek revenge on the world in the form of serial killings for which they become infamous.

Not only did Harris rant in his journal, but he also published rants online on his various websites centered on his hate for people in the local area and details of his experiments with various bombs.
The following excerpts are from Harris’ written journal:

“Months have passed. It’s the first Friday night in the final month. much shit has happened. Vodka has a Tec 9, we test fired all of our babies, we have 6 time clocks ready, 39 crickets, 24 pipe bombs, and the napalm is under construction. Right now I'm trying to get fucked and trying to finish off these time bombs. NBK came quick. why the fuck cant I get any? I mean, I'm nice and considerate and all that shit, but nooooo. I think I try to hard. but I kinda need to considering NBK is closing in. The amount of dramatic irony and foreshadowing is fucking amazing. Everything I see and I hear I incorporate into NBK somehow. Either bombs, clocks, guns, napalm, killing people, any and everything finds some tie to it. feels like a Goddamn movie sometimes. I wanna try to put some mines and trip bombs around this town too maybe. Get a few extra flags on the scoreboard. I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't fucking say, "well thats your fault" because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo. 4/3/99”

(You can read everything on this webstie.)

The original plan was that they would plant bombs in the school cafeteria set to detonate around 11:17. This was when the most people would be inside, which is something they had made note of previously. When the students began fleeing the building they then intended to pick them off using the guns they had brought. Explosives they had left in their cars would then go off, taking out and distracting emergency services and police and from there they'd go around the school killing people, before committing suicide. 

Youtube user "Columbine video archives" goes into depth about the suicide in his video here.
**Warning- skip this to avoid graphic crime scene image**

On the day the bombs didn't go off as planned and Harris and Klebold shot at them in an attempt to detonate. They then reportedly went around the school firing at students (who were either running away or hiding under tables) and throwing bombs.
By 4.30 pm they were discovered slumped dead next to each other in the library from self inflicted gun shot wounds.  

There's a few books out there about this case, but apparently "No easy answers" by a friend of the boys named Brookes Brown is a good start if you want to know more. After all he did know Harris and Klebold.

That's all for now.
I'll revisit this post and add more as time permits.
In the meantime, stay safe everyone. It's a crazy world. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Who was the Arroyo Grande Doe? 1980

On October 5th 1980 an off duty police officer named John Williams and his companion discovered the naked body of a teenage girl near highway 146 in Henderson, Nevada. She appeared to have met a very violent end.

(image findagrave)

 The unidentified girl had been beaten and punched in the face and sustained blows to the skull and lacerations from a hammer, as well as numerous stab wounds from an ice pick or a similar implement. The murder weapons were never officially found or identified and are usually listed as “some kind of hammer” and “a two pronged instrument”.

The girl had been washed before being discarded on the dirt road- a small piece of shower curtain was also found at the scene. 
The girl was most likely murdered in another location and brought out to the isolated area to be dumped. I imagine she was probably murdered in a house or maybe even a hotel if her killer had the facilities to wash her and drag along pieces of shower curtain. They probably did so to eliminate any forensic evidence she may leave behind while being transported in the perpetrators vehicle (at least that would be my guess).

Reports state that she was posed, however none describe the specific position, only that she was face down on the ground. She had been there for no more than 24 hours before she was found
Apparently this is the location where Jane Doe’s boy was discovered, on what is these days theintersection of highway 215  (around Arroyo Grande Boulevard, hence why she came to be known as Arroyo Grande Doe.)

(Google maps)
There's no specific coordinates, but I believe it's around this area.

Her profiles describe her as between 15 – 25, definitely on the younger side of the estimate, 5”2 in height and around 100lbs in weight. She had Light brown hair that was possibly dyed blonde and had grown out, green/ blue eyes, a gap in the right side of her teeth and pierced ears. The most distinguishing feature is a small DIY “S” tattoo on the underside of her right forearm, however it probably wouldn’t be much use in identifying her as it was very fresh.

(image crimewatchers)

I wonder if she did it herself (was she left handed?) or if someone else tattooed her. 
Did she actually want the tattoo or was it something someone forced on her? 
What did it mean? Was it her name, or the name of a partner or child? 
It seems strange to me that she got it so close to the time of her murder, it makes me wonder if her killer marked her, or if her killer was someone she knew, like a boyfriend or acquaintance who just turned on her. 

(image Doe network)

She had been punched in the face and the fatal wounds were inflicted from the back, so maybe she got into a physical altercation with someone and was then attacked from behind while trying to get away?

The possible hammer / ice pic combo of weapons is something to think about too. If this was premeditated those are unusual weapons as part of a murder kit. (or was that the point?) Usually it’s a straight up knife, gun, wire, rope etc. Could these have been hastily grabbed nearby items from a home? 
Was the two pronged implement a kitchen item? Or possibly garage tools? 

What do you think?

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