Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What really happened to Andrew Gosden? NEW BUZZ

I had to quickly share this link with you guys.
I was on Reddit/unresolvedmysteries when I saw a user who did a bit of sleuthing online and thinks that they found a sighting of Andrew in London at a YouTube convention in 2007.

View the thread here

People in the comments section are pretty excited about it, some aren't at all, what do you think?

(The original footage from the train station. Source)

Now this is from the Reddit post. 
The bags a different colour- that's the first thing that strikes me.
This screenshot is from this youtube video. 
An update in the post states that the user contacted Andrew's father and his dad doesn't believe his son is in the footage.

There were a lot of kids who looked like Andrew in the series of videos and photos supposedly from the day he went missing.
Here are some more examples people in the unresolved comments thought were worth looking at.

1. From the video of a meeting posted here
(made by this user)

2. Group photo from what appears to be the same Youtube meeting back in 2007.

(I enlarged it)

This boy looks a bit older and taller (could be standing on the monument base I suppose) and his hair looks a bit longer (although Andrew did have a bit of a party in the back in other pictures)

There's longer clips of him here

Even if this isn't Andrew, this looks like something (other than a concert) that a kid like him might attend.

If you're interested in other peoples theories read the comments 

Just found out about this post on 4Chan from an anonymous poster who thinks they may know Andrew, although he goes by a different name and is based in Wales.

(Andrew left. 4Chan users friend right. Source and thread)


  1. Replies
    1. I think Andrew is alive and has created a completely new identity. I also think he was planning to run away long before he did. I think he has long black hair (dyed) and is taller and thinner than he was the day he vanished. I'm almost certain that his last name has some kind of an apostrophe in it (ex. O'Sullivan), but I don't think he altered his first name. If he did, he would be going by the first name of Michael or Mark. I also think he's in London and close to Trafalgar Square. He is no longer wearing glasses but still dresses in black. He seems to be involved in some kind of "nerd" sport like table tennis or ping pong. He has been seen in public carrying a table
      tennis/ping pong paddle and smiling. He has good teeth. That's all I see.

  2. I really hope that this is true and his family really do get some closure! This must be so so hard for them! Cant imagine!

    1. Yes it was very difficult for them. Andrew's dad attempted suicide at one point as he felt pressured by the police as if he would be blamed. Apparently the police really screwed up the investigation and didn't even retrieve the still from the CCTV at London Kings cross station until 27 days later.

  3. He was kidnapped by government pedophile rings

  4. I think the one that really, really looks like it could be him is the last photo of the guy based in Wales. I just hope if it is him that he gets in touch with his family again. I don't know how anyone deals with not knowing what happened to their son. Terrible. :(
    I wonder if there was some kind of trouble at school and he felt he couldn't tell his family.

    1. No. He didnt appear to have any troubles. I got this info from his old form tutor mrs.Stockwell, who i know well

  5. His hair is parted the other way than the two other boys. That's not something one is likely to change..

  6. The chubbier child in the youtube gathering video is in fact me, I was 19 or 20 when the image was taken, and have been at least 6ftb2 since the age of 14,the other person shown was also known to me and I can confirm he is not Andrew either

  7. Sorry that I just saw this comment today, thanks for sharing the info!