Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The case of the Antonio Vilas Boas abduction:

You may need to get out your tin foil hats for this one. 

It was October the 16th, 1957.
23 year old successful landowner and farmer Antonio Vilas Boas was working his fields, as he usually did at night to avoid the heat that came with the Brazilian daylight hours.
He looked up to the sky and noticed what he’d later describe as a “red star” with rays of light exploding from it. According to Vilas Boas the star grew in size as it quickly approached him and he began to make out the details of the elongated oval shaped craft, which he later claimed to have red lights and some kind of cupola rotating on top of it.
It landed in the field on three legs that extended from it as it neared landing.
Boas ran to his tractor and attempted to flee the scene, but to his despair the vehicles engine had shut down and he was forced to continue his escape on foot.
He was apprehended by a being that stood around 5 foot, had small blue eyes and was dressed in grey unevenly striped overalls and a helmet. It communicated in barks and yelps of various canine like pitches and was joined by others. Together the group managed to drag Antonio to their craft, where he was stripped naked and smothered with a gel that he couldn’t identify.
There were red symbols marking the interior of the craft, which he would be able to remember and reproduce later during the investigation of his case.

The beings took blood samples before leaving him alone for around what felt like 30 minutes. Suddenly a nausea inducing gas was released into the room, followed by the entrance of a naked female being with long white hair and large blue slanted eyes. She also made the same dog like noises as the others.
The two had intercourse, and after the encounter the female rubbed her stomach, smiled, and pointed to the sky.

He was given his clothes and lead on a tour of the craft. Antonio felt he needed proof of his encounter, but unfortunately his attempts to take a souvenir were infiltrated by the beings.
Eventually he was released and watched as the illuminated craft took off.

When he finally made it back home, he realized that hours had passed.

Later Boas would complain of several symptoms, including irritations, lesions, bruises, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, nervousness, anxiety, burning eyes and aches.
After a medical examination of his body, high levels of radiation were found.
The skin around the area that the aliens had taken his blood sample was thinner and pigment less. He also had hardened pores that secreted yellow pus like discharge.

Unlike the famous Betty and Barney Hill case that was to follow, Boas remembered his experience with complete clarity, and did not need hypnosis to recall the happenings.

I'll leave you with this clip from a BBC Documentary by Louis Theroux.
This is a clip of the late Rev. short channeling an alien named "Korton" from another dimention / time period in the future, with whom he has been communicating with for years.

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