Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The girl in the window:

If you're looking for a creepy holiday, why not try York, UK? 

The walled, historical city of York, in North Yorkshire, England, is famous for its history and rich heritage.

It is also often dubbed the most haunted city in the UK.

When you walk the cobbled streets of the shambles, the fifteenth century timber framed buildings lean crookedly into each other, almost touching at the roofs, staring down at you with a gloomy inquisition. The very ground you walk on was once known as The Fleshshammel, due to the volume of butchers shops that took up occupancy of the street in 1872.
 Go on one of the many scheduled Ghost tours and the theatrical guide will give you goose bumps describing how the shambles are a place of suffering, how animals were slaughtered in the streets and their blood ran through the stones of the cobbled road.   

One of its most prominent attractions is the Minster, an impressive Gothic Cathedral; the oldest and second largest of the kind in Northern Europe, and probably the most photographed building in the city. The building, like most others in York, has its fair share of ghost stories, from ghost dogs, to murder victims being built into its walls.

One of the more eerie stories I recall from the city is from a small house behind the Cathedral, on the corner of College Street. This story takes place in the time of the Black Death.
The young girl lived with her parents during the time of the plague. Her parents had begun showing symptoms of the disease, and as was customary at the time, their house was sealed up and bolted from the outside, with the little girl still inside.
It was assumed that because she was in such close proximity of the plague, that she too had the disease. Eventually her parents died inside of the house, she remained locked inside with them, pressing her hands and face up against the small window, crying and staring out at the people walking around outside.
She died of starvation.
Since then, her ghost has been sighted multiple times, hands and face pressed up against the small window. She is one of the most sighted ghosts in the whole city to this day.
The house is currently occupied. 

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