Thursday, 7 May 2015

Orang Medan, the ghost ship:

It was around 1947.
Two American ships were making their way through the Strait of Malacca between west Malaysia and the Indonesian island of Sumatra when they received a coded distress call from the “Orang Medan”; a Dutch merchant ship.

“"S.O.S. from Orang Medan.
We float.
All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge.
Probably whole of crew dead”

There was a brief silence before the last message came through, stating simply:
“I die.”
One of the two American ships, “The silver star” managed to locate and board the ship, where they found the entire population of the ship dead, laying on their backs with curled fingers, mouths and eyes wide and gaping.

A fire broke out on the ship, causing them to evacuate and watch as the ship exploded and then sank.

No record of a ship named the “Orang Medan” was ever found.

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