Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Jason Massey Murders:

Texas born Jason Massey was troubled from the start.

Born of a drug addicted mother and an alcoholic father who regularly abused him, a young Massey soon took shape into a juvenile delinquent.

Jason displayed troubling behaviors early in life, and as with the famous serial killers whom he idolized, he started to regularly torture animals.
People who knew him from in and around the small town of Ellis county said that he enjoyed beheading dogs.

 “He would find one, cut off its head and store it in a red cooler” said an acquaintance.
Jason acquired a criminal record, unsurprising for animal abuse and stalking offences. 
He was also awarded a trip to the psychiatrist, when his mother stumbled upon note books filled with fantasies and desires to rape and murder. Massey referred to these books as “The death slayer books”.

A self-proclaimed Satanist and Charles Manson fan, Jason Massey stated that he aimed to be the most prolific and infamous serial killer America would ever see.

He killed two teenagers in 1993.

He shot, stabbed and mutilated them, amputating a young girls head and hands post mortem.

The missing body parts have never been found.

Massey was linked to the crimes by forensics, anonymous tip offs and on account of his colorful history of torture and abuse.

He found God on death row and met the lethal injection in 2001.

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