Friday 17 July 2015

Lyle Stevik:


EDIT: Lyle Stevik has finally been identified!

I was recently (and very politely) contacted over the RLIH tumblr (here) to remove the post mortem pictures from this blog due to the recent identification of John Doe, and was completely unaware that he had been identified. So thank you to "miss buttons" for alerting me. The images from this blog have been removed and I will attempt to do so over at the tumblr.

If you're not aware of the case, you can read about it HERE <<

An article online had a quote from the team who identified him: (DNA Doe project)  “We can confirm that one of his grandparents did in fact come from Rio Arriba, New Mexico, where many of his DNA cousins’ families originated.”
The article continues: "His relatives reportedly thought he was still alive but had simply left because he didn’t want to associate with them. His real name has not yet been released at the request of his family, who are finally allowed to grieve some 17 years after his death."

Lyle Stevik was the pseudonym used by an unidentified suicide victim who checked into a small motel in Amanda park, Grays Harbor county, Washington and hanged himself in a closet. 

The name is shared with that of a character who contemplates suicide due to failure in a book by Joyce Carol Oates titled “you must remember this”.

The body was discovered on the 17th of September 2001, in a kneeling position, in the closet of room 5, surrounded by pillows with a belt acting as a makeshift noose around the victims neck.

He had checked in the previous Friday 14th, killed himself and left $160 on the dressing table with a note stating “for the room”.

There was another note in the rooms waste paper bin that simply said “suicide”. 

He had limited luggage, including tooth paste, a tooth brush, a pen found in his pocket and a few dollar bills in his pocket. 

The body was found in good condition so samples and finger prints were taken, but when ran through CODIS and IAFIS turned up no information on the mans identity. 

He had provided an address upon check in, that Of an address for a small motel in Idaho, however nobody could identify him and it seemed to provide no link.

 The victim was said to have lost large amounts of weight before his suicide. Many photo reconstructoins depict him post weightloss. Do you recognize this unknown man? 

The crowd-funded photo regression picture of Lyle has recently been posted in the /r/lylestevik/ reddit sub. 



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