Friday, 28 August 2015

The Frankston Serial Killer:

(Image: Wikipedia)

Paul Denyer was born in Campbell town, New South Wales Australia in 1972.
He suffered a head injury as a child, which often prompted an on running family in-joke whenever he said or did anything clumsy.

Upon relocating to Victoria in ’81, Denyer had trouble settling in as the new kid.  He put on weight and developed self-esteem issues and eventually went on to murder 3 young women in Melbourne during a month and a half spree.

When questioned by the authorities about why he did it, he stated that he just generally hated women.

While incarcerated, having been convicted to serve three life sentences at HM prison, Barwon, Paul began dressing in women’s clothing and requesting the right to wear cosmetics.

He also requested gender reassignment surgery, however was rejected by specialists.



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