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The Flattop John Doe:

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"Dear Lib, I should write in case my situation doesn't improve. This may be the end of my journey.”

 In September 2004 two Elk hunters found the skeletal remains of an unknown man, at the Flat Tops, White River National Forest, Garfield County, Colorado. Dubbed the “Flat top John Doe”, the unidentified man was a white, Caucasian male, around 5”11- 6”1 and estimated between the ages of 35 – 65.

 He had extensive dental work, including crowns, bridge work and a gold capped tooth and also suffered from severe degeneration of the spine and neck. The man had no broken bones and cause of death was recorded as natural / unknown.

Amongst his personal effects at the scene was a journal.
Although damaged over the estimated five years he had gone undiscovered, some of the writing was legible and said as follows:

 "I should write in case my situation here doesn't improve. This may be the end of my journey."

 "Would like for you to claim the body . . . services or memoreal. Cremation."

"Third choice take them up in a glider (I promise not to get sick on you,"

Other pages were less legible and only a few words per sentence could be read.

 The unknown man appeared to be requesting the recipient of the note “Lib” to contact another female in the event of his death.

"ar on the . . . would you call her...d have it sent...you because I . . . want it to . . . where." "be . . . er . . . my . . . s are going."

Other items found on and around the man's person include: -deteriorated pieces of his sleeping bag and backpack.

-Various items of attire including a green rain poncho, blue woolen socks with duct-tape around the toes (possibly to protect from blisters while hiking), a black belt, and underwear.
-An empty bottle of Tylenol pills -A pack of razors, foam ear plugs, a brush, tweezers, finger nail clippers.
 -Six $ Bills, one $1 bill, one $5 bill and one $1 bill, all dated 1999.
-Various camping accessories including a butane gas stove with two gas canisters, two canteens, a dome tent, two drinking cups, a water filter kit, a tent repair kit, an aluminum cooking pot, two National geographic maps wrapped in plastic with the journey route to the discovery site of the skeletal remains marked on them.
-Sun glasses, reading glasses, binoculars and a magnifying glass.
-A 4 in 1 game set including battleships.
-A pack of coloured lighters and twenty packs of camel cigarettes
-A green spiral note book with a heart incorporating three symbols inside, two of which appear to be an X and a cat drawn on the cover. 

The man has not been identified to this day. 
Who was he? 
What happened to him? 
And who is Lib?

The Doe network page for The Flat top Doe

sources: http://doenetwork.org/cases/789umco.html

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