Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Channeling Aliens With Reverend Robert Short:

Robert L. Short, also known as Reverend Robert Short, was a Texas based American Christian minister and Author.

Reverend Short was also featured on Louis Theroux’s TV series “Weird weekends”, wherein armed with his own style of charming and faux naive interviewing techniques, Theroux would travel to different states and stay with individuals he found strange or interesting and document their time together.

Short was featured on the UFO episode, where he demonstrated his ability to contact and channel an Alien named Korton.

(To watch the full episode click here [X])

There is another video shot after the original episode, where Theroux hosted a Christmas party with the idea of bringing his guests together, hoping that despite their differences, they could get a long and have a good time.

 He invites favorites from previous episodes of the series, including Mountain man Mike, a man who lives isolation, shielded from the modern world and a Porn star named JJ.

Above is a clip from the gathering, where the Reverend decides to gift the other guests by getting in contact with Korton.

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