Saturday, 12 December 2015

What happened to Jonathan Luna?

I've been reading about a lot of unsolved mysteries this week.
Maybe you've already heard of this one? 
What do you think happened to Jonahtan Luna? 

On the 4th of December 2003 the body of 38 year old U.S attorney assistant, Jonathan Luna, was found dead in a creek in Pennsylvania.
Although the cause of the death was ultimately drowning, Luna had also been stabbed across his neck and chest a total of 36 times with his own Swiss army pen knife. At the time he was working a case involving a drug ring which was supposed to be presented on the day he was found dead. The night before he left he had promised to fax over some his notes on the case, but never got the chance.

On the night of December 3rd, Jonathan left the Baltimore courthouse at approximately 11:38pm. He then proceeded to drive north east on 1-95, using his E-Z pass to clear 3 toll ways before changing to tickets which would eventually be found spotted in his own blood by investigators hours later.
An hour and ten minutes into his journey he made a transaction at an ATM close to Delaware before crossing the toll bridge into the state.

His ATM trail ran cold after he purchased gas at a service station around 3:20am.
By 4:04am Luna’s car was stationary in Denver, Pennsylvania before being driven into the Lancaster County Creek. The vehicle was not discovered until 5:30am by a driller named Daniel Gehman, and a co-worker of his, who were employed by “Sensenig and Weaver Well Drilling”. They noticed blood smeared across the car and contacted police.

Luna was found face down in the water under the partially submerged front end of his car.
His blood was found pooled in the back seat, suggesting the possibility that he had not been driving, although this is a debated theory.
The front left side of the car and the driver’s door also had blood smeared on them and the $200 he had withdrawn earlier was scattered around the car.
Despite the FBI theorizing that Luna’s death was a suicide, the local authorities suspected it a homicide due to the later discovery of another blood type and a partial fingerprint found in the vehicle. The FBI claimed that there were no defensive wounds on the hands and arms of Luna, which are usually present on homicide victims. The wounds were dubbed superficial hesitation wounds by the Bureau, due to the shallowness of the inflictions which is often something seen in cases of suicide. The coroner’s report conflicts with the theory and stated that Luna did in fact display defensive wounds as well as cuts to his neck consistent with murder victims.
He also had a cut to his carotid artery, a head wound, possibly from the fall into the creek, and bruising to his testicles.
An unnamed official in the case stated that the FBI also suspected that Luna’s case could have been set up for sympathy as he was under investigation at the time. They proposed the idea that he didn’t actually intend to die.

Investigation into Luna’s personal life for possible suicide motives turned up debt, an upcoming investigation in regards to stolen money of which Luna was a suspect, and possibly infidelity due to a profile on a dating website and a charge card he had concealed from his wife.
Jonathan Luna had neglected to take his eye glasses, which he needed for driving, as well as his cell phone.

Jonathan Luna left behind a wife, two children and a lot of unanswered questions.

There is a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the conviction of his killer, if indeed there is one.

The case remains unsolved.


  1. Suicide is absolute nonsense in this case. Stab yourself 36 times? Some in the back. I read an interview with the mortician who prepared Jonathan Luna for burial, she stated his hands were absolutely shredded, she could not fix them enough and he had to wear gloves for the viewing. As far as money missing 2 FBI agents were supposed to guard it. What is the grand jury doing that was supposedly convened in 2009? This man was a US prosecutor, we need to demand an investigation. He turns up dead after prosecuting heroin dealers and then Ray Gricar goes missing in 2005 after prosecuting heroin dealers? Both in central Pa. Wake up people. Jonathan Luna did not leave his glasses on his desk to drive 200 miles in the dark to kill himself, if he had why not use a gun instead of torturing himself?

  2. I fully agree with Lisa B. I'm a self employed Exterminator and have worked in the Denver area for over 30 plus years. Exactly two weeks prior To Mr Luna's death I saw him in Turkey Hill at Reamstown which is close to the PA turnpike. What caught my attention was how well dressed the man was. I don't know Mr Luna and never meet him until I saw his picture on TV just two weeks after seeing him and hearing that he was found dead. At the time I never told the police because I thought it was not important. I'll admit that I'm bad with names but, excellent with faces after all I've been an artist since the age of 10. Eventually I finally told a retired policemen and then the DA and State Police in Lancaster PA that I had seen Mr Luna in the county prior to his death. I remember looking him (Mr Luna) right in the face and seeing him get out of his car and walk in to Turkey Hill. I believe that Mr Luna was killed by a jealous spouse because of his wounds! Plus he left his office with his glasses and cell phone. I think someone wanted to talk to him at his office which eventually resulted in his death.

  3. I think that someone casually abducted him without a slight notice and took him far out to kill him. The murder might relate to the situation he was in as a lawyer. If he needed his glasses to see while driving then there’s no way he was driving that far out without them. Someone had to have been driving his car with him in it kidnapping him and later murdering him.