Friday, 12 June 2015

The buckskin girl:

The Buckskin girl, nicknamed so on account of a unique, handmade, deer skin poncho she was found wearing, is an unidentified, female homicide victim found in Troy, Ohio, on April 23rd 1981.
Sources differ on the exact location the body was found, some say Greenlee road in Troy, others say Newton.

She was found fully clothed, although shoeless, with no signs of sexual assault. She had died due to blunt trauma to the head. 

Believed to have possibly been a hitchhiking teenage runaway, or even the possible victim of a serial killer, she was estimated between the ages of 18 - 26. She was white, between 5'4 and 5'6, with brown eyes and brown / red hair parted in the center and pulled back into two high braids.
She had a scar on her chin, wrist, arm and ankle.

Due to the good condition of the body, investigators were able to obtain DNA, finger prints and dental information. Despite having the samples, the Buckskin girl has lay unidentified in Riverside cemetery, Troy, Ohio for 34 years,

So, who was the Buckskin girl?
And who killed her? 


The premature burial of Mina el Hourari:

Mina el Houari was a 25 year old woman living in France. She had been dating a Morocon man online for several months and the two had finally decided to meet in person.

Houari flew to Morocco, checked into a hotel in Fez, and went out to dinner.
Mina was diabetic; she was undiagnosed and unexpectedly went into a diabetic coma at some point during the date.
The man, who remains unnamed, thought that she had died, and in a panic, decided that the best course of action would be to bury her in his back yard.
She inevitably suffocated under the earth piled on top of her. The man was charged with involuntary man slaughter.


The Grim Sleeper:

The grim sleeper is a California based serial killer with 10 kills (possibly more) attributed to his name.  The media given nickname was awarded to him on account of the 14 year gap between killings from 1988 to 2002. 

(Image: Wikipedia)

Although he is awaiting trial on June the 30th, the accused is a 57 year old trash man by the name of Lonnie David Franklin Jr. His occupation is suspected to have aided him in the body disposal process as he is said to have dumped corpses at landfills.


Cherries and the Long island serial killer:

The craigslist ripper, also known as the long island serial killer, is a currently unidentified serial killer with between 10 - 17 possible victims over a 20 year period.


The victims are usually female, work in, or have previously worked in the sex industry, and advertise their services via the craigslist website. The killer contacts them and kills them.

Remains, bodies and severed limbs have show up in burlap sacks and bags around long island, near small towns in and around gilgo beach. The killer is assumed to be from the area and knows it well, well enough to drive his vehicle with the bodies inside and dispose of them at great distances apart.

(Image: Doe network

On March 3rd 2007 a suitcase containing the torso of a woman, with multiple stab wounds, washed up at Harbor Island Park.
Found were a sweatshirt, torn up paper and cherry tattoo belonging to a possible victim of the “long island serial killer”.

The victim is estimated to be between the ages of 30-50, female, black or hispanic, of large build, with a tattoo of cherries above her right breast.
Torn pieces of paper were found in the lining of the suicase (which was exclusive to Walmart stores). When put together, the torn pieces were identified as a piece of a calender with the word “cinco” and the phrase “begin to live”.

Three weeks later, a severed leg washed up at Cold Spring Harbor. The next day, another leg washed up at a cove, near Nassau County’s Gold Coast. Both toes of each foot were painted with pink nail polish and eventually identified as belonging to the unidentified torso.

The killer has never been found.