Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Am Fear Liath Mòr:

The Grey man, or “Am Fear Liath Mòr” as it is known in Scottish Gaelic, is a tall being completely covered in bristles of short grey hair that has been sighted by hikers and climbers around Ben Macdhui, the second highest mountain in the UK.
Despite being generally thought of as a paranormal creature, the big grey man of Ben Macdhui is often times thought of as Scotland’s answer to Bigfoot, some kind of hominid or likened to by some as a Woodwose or Wildman- a creature found in medieval European mythology and artwork.
The rational theory is that Am Fear Liath Mòr is simply the climbers own shadow, projected magnified in front of them and encircled by a halo of light on the cold misty surface of the mountain. It is generally referred to as a mountain spectre or brocken spectre.

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