Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pixel horror:

I was thinking about horror video games the other day, and I got the urge to re-visit some old Sega Genesis/Megadrive classics, like "Splatter house" and "Altered beast".

I still have my Genesis console, but if you don't, or just find it too inconvenient to go old-skool you can still play on an emulator << Click for a link 
The site gives instructions how to run it, if you're not sure. 

It got me thinking about making a short video game related post here.
So here it is...


Chiller was a horror themed arcade game created by Exidy and released in 1986. 
The player assumed the role of an unseen torturer and would use a light gun to kill, torture and torment characters, most of which could not fight back in any way. 
The player would score points, or win, depending on how fast they would murder the various ghouls and victims. Levels included torture chambers, where the targets would have their necks on guillotine blocks or be stretched on a rack and the player would shoot the flesh off their bodies until they were non-existent. 
There were also cemetery scenes and spooky corridors occupied by zombies and ghouls. The game was later released in the US and Australia as an unlicensed NES game in 1990, for Sharedata by its subsidiary AGC. This gave players the option to play with a regular controller. 

By the time the video was available on NES it attempted to play down the idea of mindless violence and torture by claiming the victims were in fact monsters or the undead out for revenge. Players also no longer had to shoot the flesh off the torture victims in the dungeon and an originally naked female victim was covered up.

2. NES Godzilla Creepypasta

The NES Godzilla creepy pasta is a story about a guy who finds his old "Godzilla: Monster of Monsters" cart for the NES and decides to play, since he was obsessed with it when he was a kid.
Only this time, the game starts to glitch.
The story is illustrated with screen shots of what he encounters...

Link to the story [ X

(Reading of the first two chapters by YT user "Mrcreepypasta")

3. Brainscan

An early 90's movie staring Edward Furlong, about an interactive video game that hypnotizes the player for a customized experience. The only problem is, that the game may be a bit more real than he imagined.

4. Lavender Town Suicides myth

Most people know about Lavender town syndrome myth.
A rise in suicides in Japanese children in the 90's. All kids were said to be playing the game when they reached Lavender town, which has a high pitched soundtrack that only young people were sensitive enough to hear. The song would drive them to suicide.

Link to the creepy pasta here [ X

(Original music) 

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