Monday, 8 February 2016

The Jinning county cannibal:

Zhang Yongming, also known as the cannibal monster, was responsible for the murder of 11 Jinning County men and boys in the Yunnan Province of southwest China, between 2008 and 2012. Although he had been convicted of murder and mutilation and sentenced to death in his mid-twenties, his sentence was reduced and he walked free from prison in 1997, where he was given a plot of land and a monthly cheque by the government to help him integrate back into society.  

Zhang Yongming just couldn’t seem to keep a lid on his blood lust, and eventually, would begin to kill again in 2008.
He would allegedly strangle his victims and cannibalize them before feeding the remaining flesh to his dogs, as well as selling it under the guise of ostrich meat at the local food market. What he could not sell off he would destroy by burning and burying in his vegetable garden. The cannibal monster was apprehended early May in 2012 after reports of missing males around a stretch of road nearby his house. Upon investigation of the property the police found items belonging to the final missing victim, 19 year old Han Yao, including credit cards and a cellphone. They also allegedly discovered plastic bags containing bones, dried and cured flesh and eyeballs preserved in jars which resembled traditional bottled snake wine.
He was executed in 2013 and showed no remorse for his crimes.

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