Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Manfred Fritz Bajorat:

Note: Before you read this post, please be aware that there is mention of death as well as a media published photograph of the body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat: . So please do not continue if this is a difficult subject for you to handle. Alternatively select another post from the navigation bar above.

59 year old Manfred Fritz Bajorat, was German sailor who had not been seen since 2009 and was found mummified on his yacht 40 miles off the Philippine coast. 

He was found preserved, most likely from the salty ocean air, slumped over his desk as if death was sudden and unexpected, perhaps in the form of a heart attack.
No foul play was reported, but the ship was untidy, with food cans and general items scattered everywhere.
Photos of his friends and ex-wife were nearby, in two photo albums that he kept on the ship.
A note to his ex-wife, who had passed two years previously was also nearby.

(Daily mirror)

Although on first glance the condition of his body suggested that he had been dead for a very long time, the autopsy results determined that it had only been a week or so.

(daily mirror)
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