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The disappearance of James Albert Boyd:

Update- -Solved

James “Jim” Albert Boyd was an international trader who traveled the world in search of treasures. He dealt in an array of objects, from rare coins, ivory and art, to gold, guns and Nazi paraphernalia.
A private and solitary man, he kept to himself, living simply in his Florida home- but Boyd’s residence was no ordinary abode, it was a windowless building with very elaborate security system installed.
On the 6th of February 1987, Jim Boyd walked into a St. Petersburg bank. 
He was scheduled to make a trip to South Africa where he was to meet with a very important entrepreneur and bought travelers cards worth $15000.
He never made it to his meeting in South Africa. 
He disappeared the same day along with his vehicle, a Chevrolet El Camino, and was never seen again.

Several days later the bank alerted local police of suspicious activity on Boyds account. $35,000 had been withdrawn by someone posing as James Boyd using a false I.D.

Authorities made a visit to Boyd’s home to find the front door ajar.
Blood and bullet shells were present in many of the rooms and various rare objects had been taken.

It came to light that there was no South African shipping magnate. The entire business deal had been orchestrated by a man named Steven Wayne White.

White was suspected of planning the murder of James Boyd over a period of several months along with Janina Koziej Meylheux, who was an ex-girlfriend of Boyd. The pair were arrested and found with the missing man’s car, as well as a total of $10,000 in cash and .25 caliber handgun- the same type of gun responsible for the spent bullets found scattered around Boyds property. The two were also found in possession of items from James' collection, valued at around $100,000, which they had stored in a warehouse in Atlanta.
Whites finger prints were lifted from the bathroom and he was charged with the murder.
Meylheux was charged with theft and deported back to France.

White’s defense attorney attempted to convince the court that Boyd had voluntarily walked away, implying that he wanted to undergo gender reassignment surgery and live as a woman with a new identity. It was also revealed that Boyd himself didn’t have a clean record, and had once been convicted of murdering one of his ex-wives lovers.

White was convicted of another murder in 1987- the murder of a missing California based dentist in Santa Ana , named Cedric Horn. He allegedly befriended the victim and stole around $60,000 of the man’s money. Due to White’s tendency to lie, investigators were not entirely sure how he got close to the missing dentist, but linked him to the murder via DNA evidence.
Neither Horn or Boyd’s bodies were ever recovered.

 (Left: Boyd, Right: White) 

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