Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The human manta ray:

In 2013 news stations reported the account of a young local man (known only as Ignacio) who was walking through Bustamante park in Santiago, Chile when something caught his eye. 

Flying near the trees he described a black creature with large leathery wings and hooked claws, a beak filled with sharp teeth and a long tail. “It looked like a mix of Batman and Dracula” he said. Although witness accounts differ slightly when it comes to the description of the creature, others have  reported seeing the same beasts, some referring to it as a human manta ray or "manta man".

Many speculate that the creature is nothing more than a large owl, flying fox or bat.
The locals who have witnessed it first hand, beg to differ.
What do you think?

(grey headed flying fox from

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  1. Flying Foxes are huge! Never the less they are docile little vegetarians with the sweetest faces. Due to their incredible size, I can see how you might think they are a flying manta.