Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Broward county Doe:

Australian born serial killer Christopher “Beauty queen killer” Wilder was responsible for the rape and murder of 8-9 (likely more) victims across the U.S, including an ex-girlfriend, during a killing spree in early April of 1984.
He was apprehended, and died by his own hand during a struggle with police on the 13th of April of the same year. He shot himself twice, with one of the bullets exiting his body and wounding (non-fatal) a police officer who was attempting to restrain him.

(image: Wikipedia)

Wilder was thought to have many more victims than officially recorded, including victims back in his home land of Australia. He had an extensive history or rapes, assaults and sexual violence on his record;  So it is no surprise that he is also the a suspect in the case of an unidentified Caucasian female in her early twenties to mid-thirties, found in February of 1984 in a canal in Florida. She had been strangled to death and floated face down in the water, wearing only a pair of shorts, for 2 days before being discovered.

The unidentified woman is, for now, known as “The Broward County Doe”.
Any supporting act that points to Wilder as the perpetrator is that he lived on Boynton Beach in close enough proximity to the crime and was known to frequent the area. He had also dumped the body of a previous victim in a canal before (Terry Walden) and raped two young girls in the same state only a year earlier.

As always, if you have any information on this case, do not hesitate to contact case manager Wendy Crane at the Davie Police Department on 954-357-5242.

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