Wednesday 29 June 2016

Paranormal / ghost photos post:

Was watching a few ghost videos earlier today and thought I'd share a few clips here. 
I'm in no way claiming these are authentic sightings, by the way.
I really like the clips from those Japanese ghost shows, they are pretty entertaining. It's no wonder Asia took the horror genre by storm a few years back, they really know how to present the creepiness in a simple way.
I remember the first horror films I saw from Japan were Ju-on (the Grudge), Kairo (Pulse) and Ringu (The ring) (was that the same for everyone else?) and they made me uneasy even a week after watching them. Most things did when I was a kid, to be honest. I remember I couldn't even wash my face without feeling like there was some soul eating demon just inches behind me.
I miss the times before I was desensitized to creepy clips.

Anyways, check these out. 
(I've linked to the videos I made the gifs from after each description, click the "X" to be taken to the youtube clips.)

Ghost in the mosque
Starting off easy here with this poltergeist activity from a mosque in Malaysia. 
I saw this on a news report from Thailand. [X]

A ghost hitches a ride on the back of a motorcycle in India. 
You see these types of ghosts a lot in videos in Asia. I've even heard people claim to have seen ghosts in white dresses with long black hair with their arms around the waists of their friends as they were driving past them in the night. [X]

The spirit of a child dances around the room in the UK.
Classic western misty ghost with a lot of detail. [X]

What is believed to be the specter of a small child in a fire station 

A peaking ghost [X]

Sympathetic cemetery ghost consoles a crying man at a grave  [X]

Here's a close-up:

Japanese suicide ghost.
This is one of my personal favorite creepy videos. The full version is longer (you can watch it if you click the "X" link) but clip is the finale. Concentrate at the end of the video when they guy crouches down and look at the railway track.  [X]

And the close-up: 


 A not so invisible friend [X]

I spy. [X

Half the woman she used to be [X]
A few friends are walking on a bridge when they see a bunch of flowers. 
They shine their flashlight in front of them and see this.

Well, that's all for this one.
Have a good evening, creeps! See you at the next post!


  1. Oh my shit! these are freaky... How do I follow?

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