Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Serial killer Kiss Bela

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Chijon family cannibal gang:

In the early 90’s a group of previously incarcerated South Korean men (and one woman) formed a cannibal gang that came to be known as “The Chijon family”. 

The family was born out of ki-hwan’s loathing for the wealthy- a sentiment that would later be remorselessly expressed in the gangs confession where they would also admit to eating the flesh of their victims out of pure hatred.

Under the order of founding member, Kim Ki-hwan, the Chijon family would kidnap members of rich families and hold them to ransom, demanding large sums of money in exchange for a safe return- a deal that was never honored. 

Their hit-list was a Hyundai department store mailing list of repeat customers that they had obtained through the bribery of a worker.

They were officially charged with the murder of 5 people and sentenced to death.
Their only regret, they admitted, was that they hadn’t killed and eaten more.

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Kiss Béla

Just like the infamous female Norwegian-American serial killer, Belle Gunness, Hungarian serial killer Kiss Béla (sometimes Béla Kiss) sought out his victims by placing advertisements in local newspapers highlighting his desire to find a significant other.

His first two victims were his own younger wife, and the local man she had been having an affair with, when the couple had first moved to Cinkota.
His wife’s lover would be the only male found among his victims.

Kiss Béla would correspond with the women who answered the ads and then purposefully select those who were not local, and had few, if any, friends and relatives who would notice if they went missing. 
He would then fleece them for cash, and much like the dating website scams of today, would proclaim love and charm them with marriage proposals while draining them of their finances.
He would sit at his desk in a secret office that was off limits to his loyal house keeper (who had no idea of what he was getting up to) , surrounded by books on the subject of murder by asphyxiation and different types of poison and the effects. 

When his prospective wives showed up to his abode, it wouldn’t be long before he did away with them, pickling their bodies in alcohol and sealing them into metal barrels in his backyard- barrels that he convinced the local authorities were used for nothing more than to stock gasoline in the face of the upcoming inevitable rationing as a result of the war.

(His home on the left. Pic source X)

(The barrels where he kept his pickled victims. Source X)

In reality, those numerous drums were metal caskets containing his 24 victims.
Investigators claimed to have evidence indicating at least 30 victims.

Police claimed that the bodies were pieced at the neck, and had been drained of all blood, much like the victim of the famous unsolved caseof the atlas vampire many years later in Sweden in 1932. This lead to local rumors that connected Béla with vampire lore.

At the time of the discoveries, Béla had already been conscripted to fight in the Great War.
The closest investigators ever got to the notorious serial killer was when they received news that the wounded soldier was recovering from ailments at a hospital in Serbia. When they located his bed and threw back the covers, the cadaver of another soldier was laying in his place. A search of his home turned up nothing and authorities theories that he switched identities with a dead soldier in order to evade the law.

Kiss Béla was never found. 

The last reported sighting of him was allegedly in the 1930’s, where someone claimed they saw in New York City working as a janitor. 

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

1 mind ministries:

Hey everyone.
I was reading about cults again today when I found this story.
It's pretty sad and involves the death of a child, so if that's not something you want to read about feel free to select another post from the navigation bar at the top of the page. 

In late 2006/early 2007, then 19 year old Ria Ramkissoon starved her 16 month old son, Javon Thompson, to death under the orders of Toni Sloan, aka “Queen Antoinette”, who was the leader of the “1 Mind Ministries” cult.
A new mother with a troubled home life and an incarcerated partner (attempted murder charge); she originally joined the cult as a disappointed reaction to the places of worship in the Baltimore area.  

At a loss for what to do with her life, and unsure of what direction to go in, she decided to move into the “1 Mind Ministries” house after being recruited by existing members who actively pursued  her. 

She disappeared from her normal life with nothing but the clothes on her back and her child in her arms. From then on, as with the protocol of any cult, she would be live by rules which become more and more restrictive over time, forbidden to make contact with anyone from her old life and the outside world, not allowed to go anywhere without another member, forced to give up all forms of identification and threatened with an afterlife of eternal divine punishment for any type of deviation. 

The members were clad head to toe in white, and were no permitted to seek medical assistance when in need.
Ramikssoon’s son was starved as a punishment for the crime of neglecting to say “Amen” before a meal-a word he may not have even had the ability to say. In Sloan’s eyes this was evidence that the boy was possessed by an evil presence, the presence of the spirit of rebellion, and that demon had to be weakened through forced fasting.

Although the child’s mother claimed that she did want to help her son, she said she simply couldn’t, as it would an action against God, who was using Queen Antoinette as a mouthpiece for his word. She believed that defying the directions of the leader was exactly the same as rejecting the ideas of the bible, which Sloan would recite regularly to back up her ideas.

Following the death of the child, Sloan then ordered Ramikssoon to attempt to bring him back from the dead. Needless to say, the group praying and other attempts at resurrection were obviously unsuccessful. Javon’s body was forced into a suitcase along with a bag of mothballs, sprayed heavily with air freshener to mask the scent of decomposition and left in a shed.

Ria Ramikssoon claimed that she sang to and danced with the boy, and believed that one day he truly would come back to life, so much so, that when she was facing sentencing in court, she requested that she would walk free if her deceased son was to resurrect.

After evaluation it was concluded that Ramkissoon was not legally insane, however her family and attorney protested that she was brainwashed. She received treatment and showed signs of progress.
Sloan was sentenced to 60 years.