Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bloody Jack of Shrewsbury castle

The gardens of the Shrewsbury castle in England are reportedly haunted by Shrewsbury’s answer to the infamous Blue beard, a specter named “Bloody Jack”.  

Centuries ago, back when the ghost was the groundskeeper and a mortal man, he was known for proposing to young women and girls who he would invite to his castle only to rape and murder them.

According to local legend, he was arrested when the sister of one of his victims searched the castle and found a wooden chest containing the severed fingers and toes of every girl who had went missing in the area. Bloody Jack was drawn, quartered and hanged for his crimes and as was customary at the time, his severed head was put on a stick and displayed.

His spirit now spends eternity wandering the gardens of his castle. Some visitors say they sometimes hear the bloodcurdling screams of girls later accompanied by the vision of bloody Jack dragging a victim across the property by a fistful of hair.

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