Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Corpsewood manor murders

Corpsewood Manor is an allegedly haunted abandoned mansion located in the woods of northern Georgia. 
Those who visit the remains of the property in search of a scare claim to feel a sense of despair, see phantom dogs and human shaped shadows and hear faint harp music. But the real story behind the haunted rubble is much more terrifying and tragic than the movement of a shadow from the corner of your eye...


Although a sight of beautiful decay and a treat for urban explorers and paranormal researchers alike, the manor has a tragic story dating back to the early eighties involving the murder of a couple- a retired university professor Charles Scudder and his partner Joseph Odom. 

The pair moved to the rural area in search of a peaceful and quiet existence, sadly they got the opposite. 

Things were going well at first, amazingly Scudder and Odom built the property by hand- it was a simple structure of course, but they were self-sufficient and could grow their own produce and even make wine on the property. 
The interior of their hand built home was the opposite. It was fixed with the rare and antique items that Scudder loved to collect. He had a taste for the finer things when it came to art and music, often playing his golden harp into the night.

The couple was murdered by a young man they had befriended in the local area named Kenneth Brock who used to regularly visit and partake in the couple’s homemade wine. 

Some say he may have been sexually involved with the pair and struggled with his feelings about it.

 His partner in crime was a friend named Samuel West whom later remorselessly referred to the slain couple as “queer devil worshippers” during the trial. (Charles Scudder had once joined the church of Satan out of curiosity like many, but was not active in the church and had no real religious affiliations) 
They had arrived at corpsewood manor in a group of four under the false presense of having a small party. Both Brock and West had both been sniffing glue before their arrival and continued to do so throughout the night. 

Brock mercilessly shot Odom and the couples passive pet dogs to death with his hunting rifle before he shot Scudder in the face several times. 

(image weekinweird)

“I asked for this” were the final words of Charles Scudder. Nobody is really sure about what this meant.

Although the motive for the killing was money, the pair escaped with barely anything. 
They were caught and sentenced and remain in jail to this day.

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