Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The missing Skelton boys

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“How to break a neck” was one of John Skeltons final Google searches leading up to the disappearance of his three sons (9, 7 and 5 years old) in 2010.
Thanksgiving should have been a happy occasion spent with family, but for one Michigan mother, Tanya Zuvers, it would prove to be the worst day of her life.
She and her husband were no longer living together as they were going through a divorce, so the children split their time between parents.

When Zuvers called Skelton to request she get the boys back early for the holidays, he informed her that it wasn’t possible, relaying various excuses about how they were out of town or that the kids were with a friend of his. The children’s mother pushed for answers, until John Skelton finally admitted that he was making the phone call from a local hospital bed. He had attempted suicide by hanging, he said.

He then went on to say the friend he had left the boys with, was a woman he’d met online named Joann Taylor. Despite investigation, no Joann Taylor was ever located, and neither were the three boys.

Skelton’s house was searched by local police and found to be in a chaotic state of disarray. The place had been trashed. The local area was searched but turned up nothing.
Skelton claims that Zuvers had been abusing the children and that he had handed them over to an organization called “United Foster Outreach and Underground Sanctuaries” to protect them from their mother. No organization was ever located. Sources do indicate that Zuvers is registered on a sex offenders list due to time served for having a sexual relationship with a 14 year boy from her neighborhood in the late nineties.
She denies abusing her own children.

Skelton served as his own lawyer in court, directing questions about himself to his wife who refused to look him in the eye. Although he wasn’t charged with the murder of his sons, he was sentenced to between 10-15 years behind bars.

Where are the missing skelton boys?
If you have any information please use the details provided on the above poster to contact the relevant departments. 

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  1. For anyone who ends up on this page, WDIV-TV put out a podcast on this case. "Shattered: Black Friday" dives into the evidence and revisits crime scenes trying to unearth new clues to resolve this case. Tied to the podcast, reporter Sandra Ali interviewed John Skelton in February 2018 -- his first interview in 6 years. You can find it on any podcast service.