Monday, 16 January 2017

Psychic dogs - Chris the wonder dog

I was taking care of a friend of a friends dog recently, and it inspired me to make a dog related post. 
I remembered reading about a dog named Chris a while back,so I thought I'd share it with you guys. No warnings for this post, it's pretty fluffy. 

Dogs are truly impressive in many ways and their amazing ability to sense natural disaster, illness in their owners and even impending seizures makes them invaluable to their human companions- but could they be in any way psychic?

 When dogs and other animals are tested for ESP and correctly answer questions they could never know (or sense danger to their masters when they are not even present) is this anything other than chance or natural ability?

In a way, our canine friends are sort of psychic. They know of storms and earth quakes before we do, often fleeing or hiding in reaction (even attempting to warn us) but this not a result of mystical powers or ESP, they simply feel or hear it.

Dogs may know it’s walk time before we pick up the leash because they recall the order in which we usually prepare to go out, purely due to the scent of the coat we may pick up to put on while in the other room. Although impressive, these predictions are explainable, but are there seemingly psychic predictions made by animals that simply can’t be explained?

There have been many allegedly psychic animals and wonder dogs throughout the decades, but not many have been as impressive as a dog named Chris.

 Chris, who was a Beagle mix from the USA in the fifties, communicated through a tapping technique that he had apparently displayed of his own accord since being adopted by his owner. Since dogs can remember and identify hundreds of items, and be taught to fetch an individual item by name, it was not a difficult task for Chris to remember five cards by the symbols printed on them. He would then use his paw to tap out the number that corresponded to that symbol, in order to choose the card when asked.

But the fact that he was challenged to identify the symbol on a card while it was sealed within an envelope, and chose correctly each time, was the shocking part.

According to the results of the test, Chris the dog scored so highly that even the possibility of him scoring correctly simply by chance was minute.

He could also solve simple maths problems and tapped letters of the alphabet to spell out words in order to answer questions- skills that looked like mere tricks compared to his previous feat. It's most likely that Chris' owner taught him these tricks, but not for fame or fortune as all the profit from the dogs media appearances was donated to an animal charity.

Chris' final prediction was that of the date of his death.
He was only one day out.

So what do you think? Was Chris the dog a psychic animal? Or was he just impossibly lucky? 

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