Thursday, 23 March 2017

The death of Henry McCabe

On the 7th of September 2015, Mounds view, Minnesota resident Kareen McCabe received a worrying voice mail from her husband at around 2.30am. She was 2000 miles away in California at the time she played the message and was shocked to hear what sounded like pained and distressed groaning and growling followed by the words “Stop it” before the message cut off.

The video below contains the clip. Skip to 5 minutes and 24 seconds for the audio. 

EDIT: News clip regarding the call

Her husband, 32 year old auditor Henry McCabe was reported missing the following day. The last images of him alive were captured on the CCTV cameras at Holiday gas station off Central Ave.  According to reports a friend had dropped him off after they came back from a club. Apparently the friend took McCabe’s wallet to prevent him from purchasing more alcohol.

His body turned up 6 miles away from where he was last seen. A man who was kayaking in Rush river discovered the decedent. Despite the suspicious voice mail that he left for both his wife and brother, investigators did not believe there was foul play involved in Henry McCabe’s death and the autopsy revealed that he had drowned. Some believe it was a homicide or possible suicide; however those who know him argue that it would not be in his nature to end his life.

 What happened to Henry McCabe that night?
What did the voice mails actually record?

(if you know anything about the case authorities can be contacted at Mounds View police on 763-717-4070)


  1. Did he know how to swim? I think he was just drunk and accidentally drowned. He stated in the voicemail to his wife that he had been shot, but that wasn't true.

  2. Why has the voicemail clip been removed?