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The unsolved mystery of Asha Degree

Asha Degree, who was 9 years old at the time, went missing from her home in Shelby, North Carolina, on the night of Valentine’s Day in 2000.

Asha’s father told investigators that he last saw her at 2:00am when he checked on his kids before going to sleep.
 Both his son and daughter shared a room, and Asha’s brother claimed that although he heard his sister shuffling around that night, he assumed that she was just having trouble sleeping and was restless.
By 6:30am when their mother went to wake the kids, Asha was gone. That would be the last time her family would see her.
The local police were called right away, and although they were quick to respond and search the area, there was no sign of the girl.

Numerous articles of clothing, a purse and bag (described as a book bag) were missing from the room. This led investigators to believe that she had packed a bag and left by herself. There was also no sign of a break in, which suggested that she’d left through the front door of the house, probably using her own key.

These were the only clues officers had to go on, until  3 days later when some stationary belonging to the missing girl as well as a decorative hair bow with a Mickey mouse motif were found near Highway 18, near a tool shed next to a store (a distance of one mile from her home).
According to the Charley project, the store was “Turners upholstery”. A Google earth search shows the area, including highway 18 which, according to eyewitness testimonies, Asha was seen walking down alone during the early hours.

There would be no other clues to her disappearance until a year and half later, when Asha’s backpack which was wrapped in plastic bags was dug up along highway 18 by a man working as a contractor.
He identified it as the missing child’s possessions by the name and address tag inside. Apparently it was found in the opposite direction to which she was seen walking by two separate drivers who saw her between 3:45am and 4am. According to their statements she was clad all in white. One driver doubled back to see her, since she seemed too young to be out alone at night walking the highway in such bad weather. He noted that she ran into the woods (which we can see from the Google earth view is alongside the road) the witness statement doesn’t suggest weather she ran from the witness’ vehicle or just ran into the woods in general.

 Police never released an official statement pertaining to the contents of the backpack, but some media reports stated that it contained clothing (possibly those missing from her room) and a pencil case. The Wikipedia page mentions that there were photographs of her family in the bag as well as her basketball kit. Asha’s team had lost a game for the first time ever the day before, something which upset her greatly.

The Charley project page states that some men’s trousers and bones (of animal origin) were nearby Asha’s plastic wrapped book bag. I’m unsure if these items were related in any way, or if they were just noted.

Although Asha was believed to have packed her bag and left voluntarily that night, the later discovery of her plastic wrapped possessions implied foul play.
The most recent update was in mid-2016 when police released information stating that Asha may have gotten into a dark green car with rusted wheel rims, either a Thunderbird or a 70’s Lincoln. This was supposedly a tip the police received.

Over at Reddit unresolved some users were discussing the idea that such a specific car model (including the colour which would be difficult to identify at night from a distance) would be remembered after 16 years was unlikely. They proposed that it was possible someone knew of the kidnapper/killer of Asha and knew that their very specific model of car they used at the time/ the car was still on the property along with the girl / girl’s remains and gave a vague tip that could lead to the perpetrators arrest.

 What do you think?


  1. Creepy, I just happened to stumble upon this as I was doing a google search for my name. I hope that the police can bring Asha and her family some peace.

  2. I don't know why, but I have a weird feeling that Asha is alive.

    I think it's a story like with a Natascha Kampusch. (I'm really sorry if I wrote her name wrong!) Everyone thought that she is dead, and what we all know now — she is alive.

    Maybe it will be the same story with Asha?

    Maybe she is alive and she just got kidnapped? O k a y, you can say — but Asha run away, she planned it. Yes. That's true.


    Maybe she planned to run to one of her friends and she got lost and then kidnapped? Or maybe she was going to her friend, don't get lost and get kidnapped? Or maybe she was going to her friend, saw a creep, tried to run away from him/her, but she couldn't and then she get kidnapped? Or maybe she gets a “teenage rebellion” thing, and she thought that she will run away from home, maybe become of her lost match, or maybe just simply, because she wanted to do it without any reason.

    Don't get me wrong, but I did the same thing few times when I was a kid.

    Yes — I run away from home, but only for an hour?

    Not more — really. It was getting to cold, and I was a child, so what could I do?


    So I just return home. Maybe she wanted the same? Maybe she wanted to return by the same reason as me when I was a child? And she got kidnapped? Because really, she can't be gone and start life. She was 9! No matter what, if she is having a good life now or bad, she was kidnapped anyways.

    But, there is one thing.

    Always when I can't explain something (about murder, or something like that) I always think about the deep web.

    Don't get me wrong again. I hate this shit, I hate when people are doing those bad sick stuff to each others. I hate this really, but maybe she was writing with someone (not on the deep web, she was 9, I think she didn't even know that this shit is even real) on clear web, and she deleted all her conversations? Maybe someone was playing that that someone was a kid and wanted her to be hers/his friend? And they decided to meet up for a sleepover? Or she/he persisted her to run away together? There is so many ideas that I'm thinking about right now.

    It's impossible for me to write all of them...

    But she could be killed on the deep web.

    Don’t believe it?

    Google “Peter Scully”, this fucking bastard killed and raped a fucking few months' child, record this and was selling this crap...

    Maybe someone does it also? There is more Scullys' in this world unfortunately...


    All this case is 99% unsure...

    I hope she is alive, and she will be founded. I wish the best for her family, it must be hard. I don't believe in God, but I read that her family believe. So (anyways if someone from her family will read this or not) — God bless you guys. Keep strong. Try to be happy, just try... Being sad 24/7 can finished you guys up. Again — keep being strong. I wish you guys the best.

    1. You mentioned that when you were a kid you ran away a few times, only for an hour or so, me too! When I was a kid I used to want to go on "Adventures" and left the house a couple of times without my parents noticing. I feel like maybe that's what she was doing but...something...happened that prevented her from returning home.

    2. If you haven't already, please check out this blog:
      She has a very interesting theory and I think she is on to something. Also there is a girl missing from a neighboring state who looks almost identical to Asha. Their age progressions look like sisters.

  3. Replies
    1. that is not funny to post when this child now woman needs to be with her family.

    2. was that a joke or are you serious? This is important!

  4. Someone close to the family lured her out of her house. I have no doubt. He knew that was his only opportunity. Does anyone know if her aunt was married or had a boyfriend?