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What happened to Nan Dixon? Nevada, 1979

A user over at Tumblr asked me what I thought happened to missing woman Nan Dixon.
Honestly, I hadn’t heard of the case before, so I decided to check it out and write a post of my own.

73 year old Nan Celine Dixon went missing on the 21st of September in 1978 from Grass Valley, California. Dixon had set off from her grass valley home and was making her way to Seven Troughs, Nevada to drop in on her brother, a man named Harry Leighton. He owed her around $6000 and she was going to collect it.

According to her Doenetwork page the journey should have taken around three hours and her destination was around 180 miles away nearby a place called Lovelock.
She was to make the trip alone, riding in her 1976 Datsun B210. I’ve seen it described as “Lime green” or “Yellowish green” in color with California plates, registration 915RHV. 

Nan Dixon never met with her brother and his family and despite searches was never heard from again. Strangely, around three months later the missing woman’s husband noticed that $4.18 had been used on his charge card. It turned out that the cash had been spent on gas in Lovelock. The monthly statement revealed it was a Texaco gas station. Despite further searches no trace of Nan Dixon or her vehicle were found. The lime green Datsun was eventually discovered by hunters four years after Dixon had been reported missing.

Strangely it was found in a place that investigators had previously looked, (apparently the car was found on “Eagle Picher mining property.”/ 40.29482, -118.7821)

 This, coupled with tire marks that seemed to pull off the main highway and drive down into a valley and into a gorge, suggested that the car had been deliberately driven in that direction. Nan Dixon’s body was not in the car but the Charley project page states that there were a couple of pieces of duct tape, one of which had “possible human tissue” and a strand of hair. It doesn’t say whether or not the hair and tissue belonged to Dixon or someone else. If they did belong to Dixon it could suggest she was gagged at some point, although if she was using the tape it would have been quite easy to get a piece of her own skin and hair on it in general. The case report also states that there “appeared” to be blood on the rim of the car tire, the tire itself and in the trunk. I’m not sure why it is stated to only “appear” as blood, I mean is it or isn’t it? It’s not difficult to confirm. Also was it her blood or not? Does anyone else know?
 A commenter on the reddit unresolved page said it wasn’t proven to be blood.

In a Ventura county star article from 1982 Deputy Sheriff Bill Davis admitted that he suspected foul play due to evidence found in the car, but did not elaborate.

There were four empty cigarette packs in Dixon’s car too. She was described by her family as a “light smoker” and since the packs found in the Datsun weren’t her usual brand they don’t believe that they belonged to the missing woman. To be honest, I know light smokers who sometimes smoke more depending on what they’re doing or how they’re feeling and who would rather some a brand they didn’t like over nothing, so I’m not sure if the cigarettes indicate anything suspicious. I suppose (at a stretch) if they think someone else moved the car since it wasn’t there when they did the previous searches it could be a clue to who moved it, but it really isn’t much to go on.

 I should note that the gas tank was half full. Could this be the $4.18 of gas in Lovelock? A full tank of gas for that specific model of car in the late seventies / early eighties was around $8, so that could make sense.

Now another thing found in Datsun was what police believed to be a suicide note. Here’s a copy of it

(image source)

The general consensus is that it says:

"...keeps telling me to use my gun and end my nightmare, but this I'll never do for God gives life, only God can take life, committing suicide is the unpardonable sin and I will never be..."

What could this mean?

Some suggest that she might have got into a survival type situation and considered ending it with her gun, but couldn’t do it due to religious beliefs.
She was found in an area by hunters so it possible she could have went off the road and was taken by wild animals? The note seems desperate and scared, like she’s in a situation where she feels she had no way out and contemplates ending it with her gun. It’s possible she just wandered off and didn’t make it.
What happened to Nan? C. Dixon?
The case remains unsolved.

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Eric Harris, Dylann Klebold and the Columbine High School massacre of 1999

I was debating over which case to write about this week when it was pointed out to me that it’s the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine high school massacre this month. I've never written about Columbine here, since I mostly just concentrate on unsolved / unidentified / mysteries etc. But I thought I'd do something a little different today.

When writing this I read somewhere that authorities almost searched Eric Harris' house before the attack actually took place, as he had publicly posted on his website about having explosives etc. The search never happened. If it did they probably would have found evidence of the premeditated attack since as far as I can tell the boys did stash their weapons etc. in Eric's room. Also they really did document almost everything on video and in writing.

Harris seemed to have a lot of problems with anger and was struggling with depression and although he managed to put on a charm in front of his councilors there were indications that he wasn't in a good place. I wonder if his family ever believed something was up?

This tragic event also brought up a lot of discussions about gun laws in the US.

Well, lets get into it. I can't go over ever single detail since there's so much out there, but I'll provide links to the places where you can read about or watch certain aspects in depth, alright?

Also, before we get into this case, let’s take a moment to remember those who died in the attack.
Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough, Dave Sanders, Steve Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser, Kyle Velasquez, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin and Corey DePooter.

The 20th of April marks the anniversary of the Columbine massacre in which 13 people were killed (12 students and 1 teacher), 21 others injured and the perpetrators committed suicide. 

The students who planned and executed the shooting were two seniors at Columbine high named Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennett Klebold. 
After the massacre, notebooks and tapes revealed that the pair had been planning and working up to the shooting several months before the attack. 

They had got their hands on firearms and were recorded practicing their shooting on a home video, they read up on how to make various types of bombs and obtained the material to do so, making plans and notes of where to plant them around the school building.
They both worked at a local pizza place where they once experimented with dry ice bombs on a slow day. They purchased guns through a friend who was old enough to buy them legally and practiced shooting at trees in the local area. 

Eric Harris affectionately referred to his shotgun as Arlene, a nod to the DOOM video game, of which he was an avid player. You can see a short video of their shooting practice here [X]

The two friends were like chalk and cheese- Eric was short in both height and temper and Dylan was tall with a gentle demeanor. Eric’s father was an air force man and the family moved around, while Dylan’s family were liberal, church going pacifists who tried to enlighten their children with both art and culture, even naming both of their sons after poets. 
After the massacre Eric's family would shun media attention and Dylan's mother would later go on to open up about her son an attempt to understand exactly what happened and why. 

Harris and Klebold did share another interest- their hatred for Columbine high school and everyone in it. They would go on to plot and execute one of the most infamous school shootings of a generation.

The teens had minor run-ins with the law for stealing a computer from a parked van and were made to attended a couple of courses as punishment. Eric also attended an anger management course and it is reported that he took anti-depressants due to low mood, anger and suicidal thoughts (Initially Zoloft, before being put on Luvox.) 

Family and friends said that they had no idea what the pair had in store. Klebold had attended the prom with a friend only three days before the shooting and the two were attending school as normal up until the day of the attack. They were said to get bullied but did have their own circle of friends so weren’t loners or outcasts as such. Both had similar tastes in music, dressed alike and had an interest in film and computers. Ominously 4 months before the massacre they shot a video titled “Hitmen for hire” where they both dressed in long, black duster jackets and assassinated bullies for students who called them. Although goofy, it was a hint of things to come. 

The boys shot many short films, which can all be found with a quick search on Youtube.

Online and on paper they went by their nicknames; Eric went as “Reb” (from rebel) and variants of the same name and Klebold went as “VoDKA” (his drink of choice apparently).  The massacre plan itself was referred to as “NBK” a nod to the Tarintino film “Natural born killers” in which a couple with bad childhoods seek revenge on the world in the form of serial killings for which they become infamous.

Not only did Harris rant in his journal, but he also published rants online on his various websites centered on his hate for people in the local area and details of his experiments with various bombs.
The following excerpts are from Harris’ written journal:

“Months have passed. It’s the first Friday night in the final month. much shit has happened. Vodka has a Tec 9, we test fired all of our babies, we have 6 time clocks ready, 39 crickets, 24 pipe bombs, and the napalm is under construction. Right now I'm trying to get fucked and trying to finish off these time bombs. NBK came quick. why the fuck cant I get any? I mean, I'm nice and considerate and all that shit, but nooooo. I think I try to hard. but I kinda need to considering NBK is closing in. The amount of dramatic irony and foreshadowing is fucking amazing. Everything I see and I hear I incorporate into NBK somehow. Either bombs, clocks, guns, napalm, killing people, any and everything finds some tie to it. feels like a Goddamn movie sometimes. I wanna try to put some mines and trip bombs around this town too maybe. Get a few extra flags on the scoreboard. I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don't fucking say, "well thats your fault" because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo. 4/3/99”

(You can read everything on this webstie.)

The original plan was that they would plant bombs in the school cafeteria set to detonate around 11:17. This was when the most people would be inside, which is something they had made note of previously. When the students began fleeing the building they then intended to pick them off using the guns they had brought. Explosives they had left in their cars would then go off, taking out and distracting emergency services and police and from there they'd go around the school killing people, before committing suicide. 

Youtube user "Columbine video archives" goes into depth about the suicide in his video here.
**Warning- skip this to avoid graphic crime scene image**

On the day the bombs didn't go off as planned and Harris and Klebold shot at them in an attempt to detonate. They then reportedly went around the school firing at students (who were either running away or hiding under tables) and throwing bombs.
By 4.30 pm they were discovered slumped dead next to each other in the library from self inflicted gun shot wounds.  

There's a few books out there about this case, but apparently "No easy answers" by a friend of the boys named Brookes Brown is a good start if you want to know more. After all he did know Harris and Klebold.

That's all for now.
I'll revisit this post and add more as time permits.
In the meantime, stay safe everyone. It's a crazy world. 

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Who was the Arroyo Grande Doe? 1980

On October 5th 1980 an off duty police officer named John Williams and his companion discovered the naked body of a teenage girl near highway 146 in Henderson, Nevada. She appeared to have met a very violent end.

(image findagrave)

 The unidentified girl had been beaten and punched in the face and sustained blows to the skull and lacerations from a hammer, as well as numerous stab wounds from an ice pick or a similar implement. The murder weapons were never officially found or identified and are usually listed as “some kind of hammer” and “a two pronged instrument”.

The girl had been washed before being discarded on the dirt road- a small piece of shower curtain was also found at the scene. 
The girl was most likely murdered in another location and brought out to the isolated area to be dumped. I imagine she was probably murdered in a house or maybe even a hotel if her killer had the facilities to wash her and drag along pieces of shower curtain. They probably did so to eliminate any forensic evidence she may leave behind while being transported in the perpetrators vehicle (at least that would be my guess).

Reports state that she was posed, however none describe the specific position, only that she was face down on the ground. She had been there for no more than 24 hours before she was found
Apparently this is the location where Jane Doe’s boy was discovered, on what is these days theintersection of highway 215  (around Arroyo Grande Boulevard, hence why she came to be known as Arroyo Grande Doe.)

(Google maps)
There's no specific coordinates, but I believe it's around this area.

Her profiles describe her as between 15 – 25, definitely on the younger side of the estimate, 5”2 in height and around 100lbs in weight. She had Light brown hair that was possibly dyed blonde and had grown out, green/ blue eyes, a gap in the right side of her teeth and pierced ears. The most distinguishing feature is a small DIY “S” tattoo on the underside of her right forearm, however it probably wouldn’t be much use in identifying her as it was very fresh.

(image crimewatchers)

I wonder if she did it herself (was she left handed?) or if someone else tattooed her. 
Did she actually want the tattoo or was it something someone forced on her? 
What did it mean? Was it her name, or the name of a partner or child? 
It seems strange to me that she got it so close to the time of her murder, it makes me wonder if her killer marked her, or if her killer was someone she knew, like a boyfriend or acquaintance who just turned on her. 

(image Doe network)

She had been punched in the face and the fatal wounds were inflicted from the back, so maybe she got into a physical altercation with someone and was then attacked from behind while trying to get away?

The possible hammer / ice pic combo of weapons is something to think about too. If this was premeditated those are unusual weapons as part of a murder kit. (or was that the point?) Usually it’s a straight up knife, gun, wire, rope etc. Could these have been hastily grabbed nearby items from a home? 
Was the two pronged implement a kitchen item? Or possibly garage tools? 

What do you think?

Dreamindemon [X]
Wikipedia [X]
Crime watchers [X

Post mortem image below

Burned body Wake County, North Carolina, 1968

So today I was having a look at some unidentified Jane Does when I stumbled upon this one case from the late sixties in North Carolina.

From what I can tell, the burned body of a woman was found the day after several people witnessed her walking towards a church in Wake County. They did not recognize the woman, but noted the green polka dot dress she was wearing as she walked along ten ten road. A quarter of an hour later when the witnesses drove back the same way the woman was nowhere to be found. They noticed smoke rising up from a nearby field, but assumed the source of it was nothing untoward and probably just a local farmer disposing of some unwanted materials.
They were shocked when the following day they heard the news that the burned body of the same woman they had driven past the day before was found.

I consulted Googlemaps to get an idea of what the location looks like and followed ten ten road to the nearest church, which appears to be the Holland united Methodist church.

However if you follow the road along, you can find two more churches including The McCullers community Baptist church and Highland Baptist church. The Doe network profile for the unidentified woman states that she was found near the town of Fuquay-Varina if that shines any light on the matter.

(From the Doe network)

There doesn’t really seem to be much information regarding this case, and the DN page even states at the bottom that “The whereabouts of the victim's remains are unknown” – It’s unclear if this is due to her burning overnight (although they recovered clothes, makeup items, I imagine bones etc. as well as some hair and fragments of her clothes obviously) or if her remains were simply lost or whatever. I’m leaning towards the remains were lost because they have a reconstruction image of Jane Doe from the newspaper report, and were also able to reveal that she was around 35 years of age, 130lbs, around 5”4 in height, had dark brown – black hair with signs of graying,noted a scar on the left side of her lower stomach and remarked that she had very small ears. 
She was thought to be Caucasian and possibly native American. Her dentals are on record as well as her blood type, so even though her remains are no longer around, there is still DNA, dentals and finger prints to go on. The Namus profile checks the “All body parts recovered” box.

The death was treated as a murder of course, and there was only ever one suspect who died in 1992. The DN report doesn’t identify him, but a newspaper article named him as Tobacco planter called Robert Reagan. Reagan’s family rejects the accusation, pointing out that he isn’t around to defend himself or stand a fair trial; however the man himself confessed that he followed the unidentified woman in a car with an acquaintance to get a look at her, but she disappeared from view.

Apparently Robert Reagan used to work in Canada and there’s this theory that the two met there and planned to meet in Wake County and he ended up killing her. I know she was from out of town and no one recognized her in the local area, but other than Reagan once working in Canada I’m not sure if there’s anything else that links Jane Doe to the country. I mean it’s a good idea to extend the search and circulate the missing posters there of course on the off chance, but there’s nothing else that I can see that suggests she was Canadian as no one talked to her and she didn’t have any items on her that would indicate she was.

Now for the items found with her body:

-She had a transistor battery
-A pair of tweezers (“Permo Tweeze” brand)
-A possibly navy hair net.
-Hair clips (Bobby pins?)
-A pair of brown and gold bifocal spectacles.
-A single razor blade folded in paper (Gillette)
-What was probably a make-up mirror in several fragments.
-Two buttons.
-Various toiletries and makeup by Helena Rubinstein New York including silk fashion liquid foundation, overnight cream and “Skin dew “crème.
-What is listed as “_ilk of _intimate” on the DN profile. A quick search turned up that it was most likely “Silk of Intimate” a fragrance by Revlon.  

(Images Doe network)

-A ballpoint pen cap with “Unipeco Mt. Vernon N.Y. U.S.A.” inscribed. –Some people imply that this meant she could have been from or in New York. All a search brings up is a pencil manufacturing directory website that lists as “Unipen co.” with the following information: “Union Pencil Co. - AKA Unipeco Mt. Vernon, NY USA”.
-I found a vintage pen by them for sale on eBay, so that gives us an idea of what it may have looked like (although there is various colors and designs of course)

Unless the cosmetics and pen were gifts from New York, it looks more likely that she’d traveled from there than rather than Canada. A bag isn’t listed on the items found, so unless it was taken it’s weird that someone would carry those items without a bag of some sort. Also, if she wasn’t from North Carolina or nearby, where was she staying? 
Did she just hop off a train or get a ride or what?
If so why? 
And how did she end up burned alive?
Her case was enteredinto Namus in February of this year.

 She remains unidentified. 
If you have any information contact the relevant authority on

Note: Strangely, while searching for more information on this case, I found a similar report, although considerably more recent. Just 18 miles away in February 2017, again in Wake County, NC, the body of a burning woman was discovered by disc golf players who didn’t even realize that the burning mound was a human body and attempted to put out the blaze. Although completely unrecognizable, the Doe was later confirmed to be a 59 year old woman identified as Elizabeth Marie Vandenbout, who had apparently committed suicide. There was reportedly a propane tank at the scene, as well as a cell phone.

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Nico Claux the vampire of Paris - Cannibal killers

Hello friends, I was going to write a list-post of true crime cases dubbed as vampiric by the media when I started reading about the case of Nico Claux and thought I’d share it with you. Nico had a social media presence after his release in the early 2000’s and those who corresponded with him while he was incarcerated have shared some of his letters online so there’s a lot out there to read. Claux is very matter of fact about what he did and talks openly about it (although he’s moved on from it mentally and has no remorse) so it’s quite interesting to get a small insight into what he did and why, what lead him there and the experience etc.

As always, reader discretion is advised- mentions of death, cannibalism etc. to follow.

“I think it’s better to reign in Hell than be to be a slave in paradise.” - Milton as quoted by Claux.

In the mid-nineties, then 22 year old Nicolas “Nico” Claux was sentenced to 12 years behind bars for the murder of a 34 year old man named Thierry Bissonnier in Paris. The two were not acquainted in the real world, but had chatted about bondage on Minitel (a sort of early precursor to the internet where users could connect on message boards) and decided to meet up. It seems that Bissonnier was expecting a sexual encounter, but Nico Claux had a fantasy of his own in mind- murder. Claux had premeditated the murder for a long time, in an interview with Living TV he confessed that although he had always wanted to kill, he had no reason for choosing the 4th of October 1994 as the date, or Bissonnier as the victim.

(Image source: Nico Claux)

He shot Bissonnier in the face seconds after the man had invited him into the apartment and closed the door. Claux then gave himself a tour of the dying man’s abode as he bled out onto the door, face down and spluttering into the ever growing pool of blood beneath him. The first shot had clearly not ended Bissonnier’s life. Later analysis would show that the all but one of the bullets had neglected to penetrate the skull. This surprised and intrigued Claux, who fired a few more shots into him and then observed his victims twitching, groaning body while he ate some cookies that he had found while looking around. When he’d grown tired of the spectacle and had finished his snack, he ended the man’s suffering by firing another shot into him and smashing in his skull with a large and weighty plant pot. He then partook in some opportunistic thievery, commandeering the man’s answer machine and clock as well as swiping his wallet and ID for some acts of future fraud. The whole ordeal lasted around half an hour.

It was the use of Bissonnier’s (modified) identification and credit card that eventually lead to the arrest. Nico Claux, who came to be known in the media as “The vampire of Paris” divulged details freely. He told of his grave robbing, cannibalism, blood drinking and the murder, and revealed that there was no specific motive for killing Bissonnier other than the pursuit of delivering death and knowing murder.

Nico had felt a strong attraction to death for as long as he could remember. One of his favorite pastimes was wandering alone amongst the tombstones and mausoleums of Parisian cemeteries-but Claux was no ordinary taphophile, he took his obsession to the next level. He dug down into graves to unearth bodies from their caskets, he broke into tombs and prised open coffin lids to get to the skeletal remains within, he even took a job at the local hospital (stretcher-bearer at Saint Joseph Hospital) and worked at the mortuary where he would cut flesh from the bodies and consume it. Later, in an interview, he would reveal that it tasted “like horse meat” and in another “It depends on what part you eat. The big muscles of the thighs and back are good. There's no meat in the breasts, only fats"

(I found these morbid “how to eat human meat” instructions on a Documenting reality thread. (User x313x shared them back in 2008)

He was often left alone with the decedent as it was his job to stitch them up following an autopsy. It was during these solitary hours of work that he would select the pieces he wanted to prepare later at home. He would study their files like a macabre menu before choosing which parts he would eat that day. The hospital also gave him access to blood bags, which he would also sneak home to pair with the meat. The blood would be stirred into human ashes that he kept in his apartment to thicken it to a preferred consistency. He shared his abode with souvenirs of his cemetery visits- skulls, bones and ashes filled the rooms of his apartment, and his fridge was well stocked with human meat and blood from the hospital.

(Image is Nico's again)

In an interview, Claux described his apartment in his own words:

While they were probably not surprised to have found the pistol, they were almost certainly not prepared for the grisly scene that welcomed them.
Throughout my apartment, bone fragments and human teeth were scattered about like loose change; vertebras and leg bones hung from the ceiling like morbid mobiles, and hundreds of videocassettes, mostly slasher and hardcore S&M flicks, filled my shelves.
One can only imagine what went through the minds of the investigators as they looked around my living quarters. On one wall hung a bullet-riddled target, while across the room sat a TV set with jars of human ashes resting on top of it. Several bondage magazines were piled in a far corner, and nearby my backpack was found, which contained handcuffs, surgical instruments and duct tape. In addition to my tastes and choice of décor, investigators also discovered several stolen blood bags inside of my refrigerator."

(Image from the "Cannibalism" series by Vacily Konstantin- go to his website) 

He was convicted of the murder of Thierry Bissonnier, and I believed suspected of others but not charged. (Apparently there were several murders of homosexual men in Paris around the same time as Bissonnier and the same type of weapon had been used)

During his 8 year stint in prison he dabbled in painting and became quite skilled in it.

His pieces would sell for between $300 and $500 and you may recognize his art work from “the serialkiller calendar” website. 

Following his release, Nico Claux continued to be open about his crime. In an interview with (which can be read in its entirety HERE via the way back machine) he reveals that the murder was a huge ego boost, and something that obsessed him. He stated that since he’d completed the goal that the idea of taking a life is no longer so exciting, but that he had the capacity to kill again.
Post-incarceration life for the vampire of Paris became a creative world of painting and tattooing. His old MySpace account (HERE) listed his favorite shows, movies and interests, unsurprisingly horror films, death, cemeteries and his continuation of a journey down the left hand path.

“To the cattle: Worship your god, and let yourself bleed to death. Humans are parasites. To the predators: never surrender.”

I’ll finish up this post with an excerpt from an interview I found on murderpedia:
Did you ever have sex with a corpse? Yeah. So what?
Did you talk to any of the corpses you dug up? I'm no psycho!

You may also be interested in...
Daniel Ruda was a German car parts salesman who, along with his wife, Manuela, would go on to murder and mutilate a friend in what he claimed was a sacrifice to Satan. Daniel Ruda found his path into the Goth and heavy metal scene through the neo Nazi movement that he was a part of in his early twenties. He targeted young, unemployed members of the underground community, and pushed them to incorporate the swastika symbol into their image, promoting the shock value it would have on parents and society. He gave out free concert tickets that featured neo Nazi bands on the line-up and even canvassed for the NPD. Despite his dedication, Ruda faded out of the skinhead scene and turned his attentions to black metal. He filed his down teeth to points, joined a band called the “bloodsucking freaks” and took part in consented blood drinking as well as what he referred to as satanic rituals. (Continue...)

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Mount Vernon Jane Doe

Five minutes before midday on Valentine’s Day of 1988, the body of a young woman was discovered in an abandoned industrial estate. She was naked and deliberately posed on her back with crossed ankles and outstretched arms. This report states that she was “carefully placed on a set of used garage door springs”.

 Her neck was encircled with a deep red ligature mark- a clear sign of what would be determined as a homicide by strangulation. Her wrists and ankles showed signs of being bound and although sexual assault was ruled out, examination revealed that she'd had a sexual encounter before her murder. She had been dead for no longer than 12 hours before her body was found and traces of cocaine was found in her blood.
The girl could not be identified and came to be known as the mount Vernon Jane Doe.

Jane Doe looked no older than her early twenties and was quite possibly a teenage girl. Her hair was dark blonde / light brown and straight, her eyes were hazel with a spray of freckles across the skin underneath.  She had a distinguishing mark- a large circular smudged birthmark across the right side of her neck, just above the collar bone. The autopsy photo showed a large swelling across her forehead, probably due to blunt force trauma.

Originally authorities suspected that she had been the victim of a serial killer Acevedo Francisco. Although unidentified at the time, he was responsible for the murders of three other women in the NYC area between the late eighties and mid-nineties. However two decades later when he was finally charged with the crimes, it was confirmed that he was not responsible for the death of Mount Vernon Doe.

A PI involved with the case believes the unidentified victim is a missing girl named Cathleen Marie Martin. Martin went missing a year before the mount Vernon Jane Doe was discovered. Her Charley project page states that she was 110lbs and 5”8; however Jane Doe is reprtedly 105lbs and 5”3. The weight is similar but the height is off by a good few inches. Also there is no mention of the distinguishing birthmark on the neck.

(Cathleen Martin)

So who was the Mount Vernon Jane Doe?
And who killed her?