Sunday, 20 August 2017

What happened to Trevor Deely? The kidnapping of Chloe Ayling. The Delphi murders. Cosmo DiNardo. The Beaumont children case solved?

Hey everyone, I've written about a lot of cases in the last few months so please do take a look. I'll write a short summary of each case so you can select which one you want to read.
These blogs were written for the Generation why podcast, where I write weekly blogs. You can check them out here, they are all about recent cases or recent updates in older unsolved cases. 

Where is Trevor Deely? 
Trevor Deely went missing on the 8th of December 2000 after attending a Christmas party. An unidentified man appears to be waiting for and following him on various CCTV cameras. Trevor was never seen again, but there have been some recent updates in the case. Read about it in full HERE <<

The kidnapping of Chloe Ayling
A 20 year old British model is injected with ketamine at a fake photoshoot and kidnapped. After being stuffed into a suitcase she is driven to a rural area and kept captive in a house where her abductor explains he will sell her on a live action on the deep web to the highest bidder.  READ THE FULL STORY <<

The Snapchat killer
Two girls are found murdered on a trail in Delphi. One of the girls manages to record a video of a man who is now believed to be the main suspect in the case and uploads it to Snapchat.
Read about recent updates in the case by clicking HERE<<

The Cosmo DiNardo case
Four young men went missing and were eventually found buried on 20 year old Cosmo DiNardo's family farm.
He posted Snaps of himself aiming a gun at the camera and making generally violent statements around the time of the murders. Read the full story HERE <<

Where is Matthew Leveson? 
20 year old Matthew Leveson was last seen on CCTV leaving a club with his much older partner after a row. He was never seen again and his partner claims he was not involved even after being caught buying very suspicious items on the CCTV of a hardware store the following day. CONTINUE READING <<

Marcus Volke
“I was cooking on my stove” a voice explained.
“It’s an electric stove and the stock pot boiled over, dripped down and got into the oven and basically made this big bang and then the power turned off.”
“Does it sound like something you would be able to fix today?” The man enquired.
Sounds like a completely normal call to an electrician doesn’t it?
Sadly it wasn't, and the foul odor from the pot on the stove was not that of pork broth at all... READ HERE<<

Georgia Jean Weckler
A little girl goes missing in 1947 after being dropped off at the end of her road by a friends mother after school.
Later an eye witness reports seeing a small girl locked in a car banging on the windows. READ <<

Is the case of the Beaumont children almost solved?
Three siblings set off for a fun day at the beach in 1966 and were never seen again. Does the diary of the son of a new suspect place the man at the scene of the crime? READ MORE <<

The murder of Alice Ruggles
When Alice Ruggles flat mate found her dead on the bathroom floor of their apartment, she knew exactly who was responsible.
“She’s covered in blood!”, “Her leg looks broken!”, “She’s blue!”
She pointed the finger of blame at Miss Ruggles obsessive ex-boyfriend during a frantic call to the emergency services.

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