Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Amy Caroline brown, Killer clown Florida, Russian cannibal couple, is there a serial killer in Tampa?

Hey everyone! These are last months posts I wrote over at the Generation Why podcast blog. All recent cases, including a couple of old cold cases that have finally been solved! I love a good solved case.

Amy Caroline Brown
Amy Brown responded to an advert she found posted on craigslist- "“Good Evening! Let’s go zombie hunting!” it said.
The young man who posted the advert did so in reaction to his therapist telling him to be "get out there" and try to be more social.
The pair went briefly to a bar and since things were going well decided to go to a hotel...
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Killer clown shoots woman on her doorstep
Remember this unsolved case from 1990?
Well it's recently been put to rest.
A woman was eating breakfast with her son when she heard a knock on the door.
She answered it to see a clown with an orange wig and painted face holding a balloon and a bunch of flowers in one hand, and a gun in the other....
(Read this story by clicking HERE)

Russian Cannibal couple
(Warning for images) 
Road workers in Russia find a cell phone on the ground. when they look through the photos they see a series of disturbing images of a cannibal with a human hand in his mouth.
Investigation leads the police to the home of a cannibal couple. (Continue)

Three murdered in Tampa, Florida, police fear possible serial killer
Benjamin Mitchell (left), Monica Hoffa and Anthony Naiboa are all shot along the same bus route. Their killer has not been caught and the only suspect is an individual walking alone at night caught on CCTV footage.  Is there an active serial killer in Tampa? (Continue)

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