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The catacombs under the city of Paris, France are available to access only by scheduled tour. The man-made subterranean passageways are a complex labyrinth of tunnels that branch out like a network of veins under the city.
Built originally to relocate the dead from over filled mass graves in the city, the walls and ceilings of the catacombs are decorated in thousands of skulls and bones.  As you can imagine, the morbidly beautiful interior design attracts tourists in abundance.
It also attracts a lot of urban explorers, or cataphiles: I think this video is a good example of what it looks like inside:

If you’re looking for some catacomb related horror / thriller entertainment tonight, there’s a movie based about the underground tunnels titled “As above, so below” (2014) 

This is the trailer: 

Paris isn’t the only place you can find catacombs.

In Odessa, Ukraine, there are networks of underground tunnels, formed as a result of coal mining, that reach 60 feet below sea level, making it an unimaginably massive underground maze.
Needless to say, the tunnels attract the type of tourists who like to dabble in danger, and since it’s common knowledge that the Odessa tunnels have not been completely mapped out, and that the foundations itself is unstable, the Ukrainian catacombs are on the to-do lists of extreme tourists everywhere.
It’s not surprising to learn that there have been reported incidents of the occasional tourist entering the underground tunnels never to re-emerge again.
Those who go missing get so lost that they can’t find their way back and wander around in the cold darkness until they eventually die from dehydration- which is exactly what happened to the girl in the photo below. I’ve de-saturated and pixelated the photo here, but you get the idea.

She got lost while drinking with friends at an underground party, and stumbled off into the catacombs.
She was found by other explorers two years after her original disappearance.
It’s bad enough to wake up in your own bed with a hangover, now imagine waking up with a hangover in complete darkness, alone and lost in a maze of tunnels below sea level, with no food and water, completely alone.

To wrap up this creepy caving post, I’ll finish up with a link to a story about a man named Ted’s creepy caving experience, which you can read HERE << Click click

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