Monday, 13 April 2015


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1.The walking dead of Indonesia.

An Indonesian friend of mine showed me this photo some years ago.
It was titled “The walking dead” or “Zombie” but in actuality this is a photo from a ma-nene ritual in Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Families exhume their deceased relatives so they can clean them and change their clothing.
They bodies are usually taken on a tour of their town while repairs are made to their coffins.

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This is a photo of a decomposed body in Aokigahara, Japan, also known as “The suicide forest”.
It’s infamous for being a suicide hot spot due to the volume of people who travel there to see out their final days.

Here's a VICE documentary about it:

3.Ghost Soldier

The title says it all really.
This WW1 photograph was taken in 1919 and features the ghost of solider Freddy Jackson, who had died a few days before the picture was taken as a result of an airplane accident.

4.Columbine kids
You’ll definitely have seen this photo.
A '99 class photo, featuring the two gun men of the Columbine school shooting, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, pretending to hold guns in the top left hand corner.
A week later they killed 13 of their classmates and themselves.


A man fell on the tracks, this is the last photo of him alive. 
Sad and disturbing that it even went to print. The tabloid unsurprisingly caused controversy.

6.       Blanche Monnier

Locked in a room for 24 years by her own family and fed nothing but scraps, for refusing to marry anyone other than her true love.

7.      Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos

German-born radiologist Carl Tanzler fell in love with 21-year-old Cuban Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos after she came to him for an examination.
Tanzler was convinced that this woman was the same dark haired beauty who had been visiting him in his dreams and believed that de Hoyos was his true love.
Unfortunately she died of a rare disease and was buried in a mausoleum.
Tanzler had a key and was visiting the body nightly. Eventually he took the body from the burial site and began to try and reconstruct it with wire and plaster.
The pair even shared a bed before being discovered.

8.      Killer Clown

This photo of Boy killer John Wayne Gacy in his "Pogo the clown" costume.
He managed to cover up being a serial killer well enough to be a highly regarded pillar of society. This is him entertaining children at an event. Creepy.

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9.      Not Satanic enough

This is a facebook screen shot of a Thai self-proclaimed Satanist, who killed the lead singer of a metal band / a friend of his for “not being a real Satanist”.
He actually posted updates about his future plans to kill and even posted a photo of his handy work to his Facebook profile.
He continued to update with the press pictures after that, before running away and eventually handing himself over to the cops at the advice of his father. He had stabbed his victim in the face a total of 30 times.
I pixelated this one because of the gore/friends page identities.

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10.  Catacombs girl

I pixelated this one . 
As mentioned in the previous post, this Russian girl was drinking in the tunnels with her friends, wandered off and got lost.
They found her dead body 2 years later. I’ve pixelated the image here.

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