Friday, 3 April 2015

The Death of David Carradine and the haunted closet:

Since I wrote my last post, I’ve been thinking about Bangkok related weirdness that I can share with you guys. 

I know, I know, you’re thinking it’s not exactly difficult to find dodgy stories from the land of smiles, but finding something worth writing about with a bit of a back story and a mystery element isn’t so easy to track down.

So there’s a seemingly endless and fresh supply of daily tales of terror, complete with gory crime scene investigation photos, printed every morning in the tabloids in south East Asia.
But I don't want to write about those. 
I do, however, want to write about this little snippet of spooky that I found whilst on my searches today. I found an older article about the death of American actor and martial artist David Carradine.

Whilst on location, filming his latest movie titled “Stretch” on June 4th 2009, he was found dead in closet in his room, in a hotel by the name of "SwissĂ´tel Nai Lert Park Hotel" in central Bangkok, Thailand. 
His hands were tied above his head and around the closets hanger rail. 
Apparently he also had a cord wrapped around genitals, leading people to believe that his death was accidental and due to an Erotic asphyxiation session gone wrong.
Two of his former wives confirmed that Carradine did have an interest in sexual self-bondage, so the story seemed to add up. 
Case closed, right?

Weirdly, while researching the article for any elements of foul play or mystery, I found a few articles mentioning Carradine’s appearance on a series called “Celebrity ghost stories” some months prior to his death, where he talked of being haunted by a ghost in a closet. 
Apparently it was the ghost was of his wife’s ex-husband, who he thought hung out in the closet where some of his things were still kept.
“The closet doors wound swing open and shut” He said. 

How creepy is that?
Coincidences happen all of the time, of course, but seriously, a closet ghost and then a closet related death only a few months later? 
You couldn’t even write this stuff.