Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Devil's Daughter:

Kimberly Goyita was only 13 years old when she murdered her 11 year old sister in front of their family’s apartment on February the 2nd, 1981.
Goyita fired two shots from her Step-father’s .32 caliber pistol into her younger sister, before calmly walking back into the house and returning the firearm to the dresser drawer in her parent’s room.
The Californian teen claimed that “The devil made her do it”.

As reported in an issue of the Palm beach post in 1981, Goyita was said to have watched the 1976 horror cult classic “The Omen” when she was younger, and had become fanatic with the antagonist, Damien, who in the film, kills his family members one by one when they discover that he is the anti-Christ.

Kimberly reportedly had numerous copies of “The Omen” books, as well as copies of the sequels to the movie in her room. She claimed that she believed she was a boy, often using the name “Damien Thorn” as an alias, and said that she was the son of the devil.

A star news article published the same year alleged that Goyita’s mother was believed to have lied on the witness stand; when asked if it was true that she had told friends and family that Kimberly spent a lot of time in her room, performing black magic rituals over black candles and barking and growling like a dog, her mother denied the allegation.

Goyita took a photo of her sister before killing her. She then took two photos of herself, clad in black, following the murder.

World weekly news quoted an unnamed friend of Kimberly’s mother, who claimed that Kimberly had once told her mother that if she were to “Do away” with her and her sister that she’d get away with it, seeing as she was underage.

She was awarded with an involuntary manslaughter charge for her crime.  

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