Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Devil's dollars:

“Dale was basically, I don't know if the correct word is wizard but he was basically the second in command as far as the coven went. He had actually the firstmost power, but there was one power more stronger than his. Randy Moore was, like I said, basically first in command. He had the white magic which was the power to manipulate people.” [ X ]

In 1984, 19 year old self-proclaimed Satanist and black magic master, Dale Flanagan, murdered his doting grandparents with the help of 5 friends, Roy McDowell, Randy Moore, Johnny Luckett, Tomas Akers and Michael Walsh, in order to receive their insurance and his inheritance.

Carl and Colleen Gordon were found dead at their home on the 6th of November 1984. Carl was shot times in his head, chest and back. His wife had been executed by three shots to the head.

Flanagan and Moore, supposedly the two highest ranking members of the coven, received the death penalty. 
Dale Flanagan is currently ondeath row, where he reportedly now claims to be a devout Christian and the son of God.
Randolph Moore is also on death row, despite his appeals,the death sentence remains upheld.

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