Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Where is Zebb Quinn?

Zebb Quinn has been missing since the 2nd of January 2000. He was 18 years old at the time of his disappearance and resided in Ashville, North Carolina where he worked at a Wal-Mart.
At 9pm, after what would be Zebb’s final shift, a surveillance camera recorded Quinn approaching the parking lot, where he met a friend, Robert Jason Owens.
The two drove off in their separate vehicles with the intention of going to view a car that he was thinking about purchasing.

Further down the road, fifteen minutes later, a gas station surveillance camera captured what would be the last living image of Zebb Quinn.
Owens claims that Zebb signaled for him to pull over and said that he had to respond to an urgent page that he had received, and proceeded to make a call at a pay phone booth. Acting paranoid, he said he suddenly had to go and rear-ended Owens vehicle with his own while speeding away.

Some hours later, Robert Owens was treated at a hospital for a head injury and fractured ribs. He claimed he had gotten into a second car accident that night, however failed to file a report about the incident with the police.

The pager call was traced back to Quinn’s aunt, Ina Ustich, which was registered to her home phone.
Quinn was not close to his aunt and had only began to recently communicate with her a week before his disappearance. When questioned, his aunt claimed to be at dinner with a woman named Tamara, who happened to be the mother of Quinn’s love interest, a girl named Misty. 
Misty’s allegedly abusive boyfriend, Wesley, was also claimed to be present. Ustich contacted the police that same night to report a break in. She said nothing had been stolen from the house, however she noticed that a few framed photographs were out of place.
According to Quinn’s parents, he referred to Misty as his girlfriend, and had done so for a few weeks up until his disappearance. Wesley had allegedly threatened Quinn but the couple denies any role in the missing teen’s case.  

A couple of days after Zebb Quinn had been reported missing; a man called the Wal-Mart where he worked, Claiming to be him and called in sick due to illness. The voice did not match that of Quinn’s and was traced back the Volvo plant where Owen’s worked. He admitted to being the person who placed the call and said he was doing it as a favor to his friend.

Two weeks passed before Zebb Quinn’s car showed up parked outside of the hospital his mother worked at, indicating that it was put there by someone who knew the family. There was a live mixed Labrador puppy inside (which was later adopted by an investigator), a jacket that didn’t seem to belong to Quinn, a hotel key card that investigators could not trace back to the source, and various drink bottles.
There was a pair of lips drawn on the back window of the car.

Forensic testing of the evidence did not lead anywhere.
Fifteen years later Robert Jason Owens was arrested for the murder of Cristie Schoen, who was pregnant at the time, as well as the murder of her husband J.T Codd.

He is still a person of interest in the disappearance of Zebb Quinn.

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