Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The butchered wife:

52 year old John Perry met his 20 year old wife, Arminda, at a bar during his vacation to the Philippines in 1984.
He was recently divorced and the attention and interest of a younger woman was a welcome distraction from the bitter breakup he’d just been through.
When she told him that she wished he wouldn’t leave at the end of his vacation he told her to come with him. They quickly married and the two lived together in John’s hometown in Wales.

The happiness of their holiday romance eventually faded into jealousy, paranoia and betrayal.
Arminda would not return to their marital home for days at a time, favoring the company of other men over her new 50 something husband.

John felt foolish and abandoned, and suspected his young wife had used him to escape her life back home.

After a particularly long period of absence, a worried neighbor of Perry called the local police to report the young woman missing.

When the police showed up to John Perry’s house and questioned him about the fact that he himself didn’t report the disappearance of his own wife, John bitterly informed them that she had probably just “run off with some other man as usual” and that they were already going through a divorce.

A thorough search of the marital home was not necessary to tie Perry to the crime.
When Police entered to look around bloody tools and knives lay out in the open. A book was open at the anatomy section; bloodied power tools and a hacksaw were set down near the sink.
Two large clear plastic zip lock bags filled with meat were on the floor and the foul stench of death hung in the air. There was more meat in two large barrels in the garage and even more in the trunk of Perry’s car.

John Perry confessed to the murder of his wife but claimed it was accidental. He also admitted that he had fed some of the flesh to his pet cat, Katie. He had told officers before the search that he intended to live alone with Katie and was no longer interested in relationships.

According to the pathologist, the cause of death was a blow to the back of the skull with a blunt object while Arminda was in the bath tub, despite Perry claiming that he had killed her in the living room.

He received a life sentence.

(sources: dailypost, myinforms )

[ X ] Womens Aid (UK) 

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