Friday, 5 February 2016

Chip-Chan and the Verichip:

Chip-Chan is an unidentified South Korean woman who was discovered on the / X / forum in 2008. 
She constantly streams her webcams live  online and claims that she is being stalked and controlled by a corrupt police officer, whom she refers to as “P”.
She claims that P wants to get his hands on the funds she inherited following the death of her parents, and that he can control her mind and sleeping schedules via a verichip that he has inserted in her body. Her streams show her sleeping for sometimes 15 hours at a time and rarely leaving her apartment.
Hand drawn signs in Korean are hung around the room, some asking the public for help, others insults and broken sentences.
Those who don’t believe Chip-Chan’s story offer paranoid schizophrenia as an explanation, others are not so sure.

She has various websites and blogs such as her blogs including:
Her Wordpress [X
Her Naver [X]
and her Wordpress about the Verichip [X]

Further / more detailed readings in English can be found in these blogs about Chip-Chan
Tumblr [X]   Blogspot  [X]

Her live stream can be viewed HERE << Click it


  1. I hope if you read this you'll check out the links for the updated information and help attempt to translate the signs.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, I believe the tumblr blog dedicated to the case actually found out where she was.
      I didnt want to post the address and other than that, nothing new.