Monday, 4 January 2016

UFO Kao Kala, The Thai UFO group:

Last month I bumped into an acquaintance of mine while at a bar with a couple of friends. He had been carrying a calendar around the whole night and we eventually got curious enough to ask what it was.
Hesitantly, he handed it over, and we took a look. At first it looked like a regular Thai Buddhist calendar, until you noticed that it had meditating women with UFO’s hovering above them, grey aliens and even the silhouette of ET from the Spielberg blockbuster.
He told us that he had just returned from a trip to Nakhon Sawan where he had attended a UFO meeting.

Nakhon Sawan, or “the heavenly city” as the name translates into English, is a province North of Bangkok, Thailand, and home to the Kao Kala Mountain, one of Asia’s biggest UFO hot spots.
In 1998, Sargent major Cherd Chuensamnuan, previously a monk, claimed that he heard an alien voice talking to him as he meditated. Allegedly, the voice brought a warning, telling him that there would be a disaster that would annihilate half of the Earth’s population.

He contacted his daughter, Somjit Raepeth, by telephone and told her about his experience, however was met by skepticism. In retort, she said she’d only believe when she saw it with her own eyes. “Send them over next time you see them” she would add.
Later Somjit would receive a phone call that would shake the foundations of her belief system:
They’re coming over

It was dark outside, Somjit and her sisters walked out onto the porch and turned their eyes to the sky and together they witnessed their first UFO. They described it as a large spinning disk, with a large amber light at the center, encircled by smaller lights around the rim.

Cherd Chuensammuan and his daughters are not the only residents in the area to have made contact with extraterrestrial beings. Many people have claimed to witness eerily silent crafts covered in blinking lights and have witnessed darting lights in the sky.

The UFO Kao Kala group practices meditation in order to make contact with the beings. Some members meditate for up to three hours per day and often do not make contact for upwards of a year. Through regular meditation they finely tune themselves to become human radio’s ready to receive transmissions from extraterrestrials. These messages are usually sub-missions that tie in to the main goal of saving half the Earths populace from devastation.
Somjit claims that the aliens they are in contact with are from both Pluto and a planet named “Lokukatapakadikong” (Loku) which is in another solar system and three times the size of Earth where the aliens get around via “jumping spots” spaced around 5 meters apart. They consume one pill per day as the only food they eat, which is made from a plant on their planet.

Members are often found clad in white, meditating near a statue of Buddha sitting before a Nāga snake at the foot of a hill in area 145, which is said to conceal the gateway to an alien dimension.
The members are trained by Somjit, following the death of her father in 2000. Some members quit their jobs in order to dedicate their time to receiving the alien messages that they say forewarn them of an upcoming disaster.

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