Wednesday, 22 June 2016

James Ricalton

I read about James Ricalton for the first time a month or so ago, and decided to make a brief post about him. I really recommend visiting the blog called "Alizul" down in the links section (Heads up: the images there are pretty brutal, and the post contains images of death and execution.) 

(Photographs of a hunt. Shot in pairs with the intention of being viewed with a stereoscope to produce a 3D effect) 

James Ricalton was an American photographer (as well as a teacher and traveler) who documented his trips around the globe in the 1900’s. 
(A prisoner starves to death in public. China.)

(A caged tiger, allegedly responsible for the death of several people)

The Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC and the Natural History museum bought many of his images to display in their galleries and use in educational books. The above pictures are samples of his work.

 Ricalton lived to the ripe old age of 80- outliving his own son, who succumbed to typhoid fever while accompanying his father on a trip to Cape Town, where Ricalton had been sent by Edison to shoot footage on an early motion camera.

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