Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Strange Nature:

I watch a lot of documentaries and sometimes I want to share short clips.So I decided to make this a monthly thing.  


This gif is a clip from a National Geographic video filmed at an aquarium. The staff kept finding dead spiny dogfish sharks on the floor of the tank and decided to investigate. The culprit turned out to a be an octopus. The aquarium assumed that the octopus would use it’s color changing camouflage as a defense mechanism to avoid the sharks, but it instead wiped out its enemies in return for a safe environment.


A deep sea Goblin shark bites the arm of a diver, showcasing it’s extending jaw.

Watch the whole clip here:


This photograph accompanied an article in a local Thai newspaper (Thairath) and shows a very large monitor lizard scratching at the door of a local families house. The mother told the local news that she had seen the monitor lizard since it was small, and that it would often wander up to the window and challenge its own reflection. Her daughter named the creature Selena, after her favorite singer Selena Gomez. The zoomed in photograph highlights what one reader believes to be a lucky number, the number 84 they say, which many presumably used when playing the lottery that day. Edit: people often try to spot lucky numbers in things they consider sacred or rare.


The horned lizard, shooting blood out of it’s eyes as a defense mechanism.

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