Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Punishment in the 1700's:

(Warrington museum)

In the late 1700’s a young delivery boy named James Hogwarth was on route to Manchester when he was attacked by two highwaymen who beat, robbed, stabbed and bound him and left him for dead. 

He lay on the ground until he eventually succumbed to his injuries. A search for his attackers was underway, and (circumstantial) evidence pointed to a highway man, called Edward Miles, and his partner in crime. 
The two were hanged.
 A metal skeleton (pictured above) was constructed and closed around Edward Miles corpse and he was hanged from a post on the same dark road that he had murdered James Hogwarth, as a warning to any future criminals. 

The metal skeleton now hangs in the Warrington museum in England. 

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