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Besti di Satana, Christan Frigerio and the beasts of satan

Christian Frigerio was 23 years old when he went missing on the 14th of November 1996 in Carugate, Milan in Italy.
According to the doe network, Frigerio called his brother from work at a construction site and warned him not to leave the house. He left work at 6pm as usual, but according to his employer he seemed concerned and worried. Despite the rain, he began to bike back home and was never seen again.

Frigerio’s mother claims that he disappeared at the hands of a cult she believed he was involved in, a cult by the name of “Bestie di Satana”. She said she noticed that he had bite makes, scratches and burns on his body around the time of his disappearance and believes that he was murdered and buried 

Bestie di Satana or “the Beasts of Satan” were an Italian metal band in the nineties.  They are also referred to as a “satanic” cult and were responsible for the murders of 3 known victims.
 One of the group’s leaders, Nicola Sapone, was charged for his part in the sacrificial slayings for the double homicide of sixteen year old Fabio Tollis and his girlfriend 19 year old Chiara Marino in 1998. Apparently it was a ritual killing out in the woods involving sex and heavy drug use and other characteristics of so-called acid Satanism.

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The Guardian reported that Tollis may have been bludgeoned with a hammer while trying to help Marino, who was stabbed to death.  Later, fellow member and friend of Fabio Tollis, Mario Maccione, a self-proclaimed ‘medium’, would admit to being the person behind the hammer.

Tollis’ father had received a call that night from his son, who was out drinking at “The midnight bar”; a rock bar in Milan where like-minded metal fans gathered at on weekends to listen to music. In the call, Tollis told his father that he wouldn’t be coming home and would stay with his girlfriend that night. The call was unusual enough that the concerned parent showed up at the bar to check on his son- by the time he got there, Tollis was nowhere to found. His son would never return home again and was buried in the woods, where Nicola Sapone, Mario Maccione and Andrea Volpe were so delighted with their work that they were dancing on the makeshift grave in the woods, in the small town of Somma Lombardo.

Fabio Tollis’ father rejected claims that the couple had ran off together and continued to independently investigate.  
In 2004 27 year old Mariangela Pezzotta  (A former girlfriend of Beasts of Satan member, Andrea Volpe) was shot after the breakup.  The group believed that she knew too much about their unsavory pastimes and decided that it was in their interest to eliminate her.
 Volpe was sent to do the job and invited Pezzotta out under false pretences. The gunshot was non-fatal and after a panicked phone call to ring leader Nicola Sapone the girl was beaten over the head with a spade and buried alive.

Volpe and his teenage girlfriend were later discovered by police in Pezzotta’s crashed vehicle.
They had attempted to destroy the evidence but totalled the car under the influence of cocaine and heroin. They were both addicts- apparently a common theme for members of the Beasts of Satan.

It was said that members of the Beasts of Satan were required to swear in and make a blood pact, preventing them from leaving. To leave would equal death. Andrea Bontade, the drummer of the band, was found dead in his crashed car after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Investigators entertain the idea that he was pressured to commit suicide for not involving himself in the murder of his bandmate, Fabio Tollis and Chiara Marino.

A film from 2012 titled “In nomine Satan” is based on these events. 

The members of Besti di Satana were charged and sentenced for their crimes.

Christan Frigerio is still missing.

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