Thursday, 13 October 2016

Javier Botet

A lot of things have been going wrong in my life recently, coupled with wave after wave of bad news, so sorry for the lack of updates.
If you didn't hear, the Erica Lori Ruff case finally got solved, I updated the post so you can go check it out here << click click

I don't want to miss out on the Halloween spirit, so I'm going to be posting as much as a I can this month. If you're reading this, have a great October! 

Not only is Spanish born Javier Botet a director and illustrator, but he is also the actor behind the nightmarish characters portrayed in films like Rec (Niña Medeiros ) Crimson Peak, Mama (as Mama) and the Conjuring 2 (the crooked man) to name a few. 

The characters he plays are tall and thin, with long limbs and fingers, which are a result of his Marfan syndrome. Those characteristics coupled with the eerie, dislocated  walk that he has mastered has made him in demand for any director on the look-out for the perfect on screen scare.

Just take a look at Javier Botet on the set of "Mama":


  1. Just found your blog. The creepy vibe is really enjoyable. Saw this specific post and liked that you brought awareness about this actor. I didn't even know he existed.