Sunday, 16 October 2016

Halloween night ideas:

Since staying home is the new going out I'm starting off the Halloween period with some links to movies.
I went with a sort of general list of suggestions that hopefully anyone could enjoy!

Creep (2014) [X]
Aaron, a man working as a videographer, is browsing craigslist when he sees a post from a terminally ill man advertising for someone to help him compile footage and interviews for his unborn son.  Aaron accepts the job and makes his way to the man’s isolated home and begins to film his bizarre new acquaintance.

Red Lights (2012) [X]
A popular psychic is being covertly investigated by a team of skeptics out to disprove his abilities.  All is not what it seems.

Mahalai sayongkwan / Haunted universities (2009) [X]
University students tell ghost stories from their universities. 

Evil dead II(1981) [X
A classic 80′s horror comedy from Sam Raimi. A group stays in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. They find a book that releases more evil than they can handle.

The witch (2015) [X
A new favorite of mine. A family in 1600′s New England is seemingly cursed by black magic.

Lake Mungo (2008) [X] 
A psychological horror from Australia. A girl drowns and her family starts to have paranormal experiences. All is not what it seems.This one creeps me out.

1408 (2007) [X
Based on the Stephen king book. About a writer who debunks paranormal phenomena by staying in the various inns and hotels that claim to be haunted. Room 1408 has other plans for him.

Return of the Living dead (1985) [X]
One of my favorite movies- an 80’s zombie horror film about two kids who find a gas canister and break it open, only to reanimate every corpse in Louisville. 
*** Extra: Return of the living dead (more brains) documentary [X] ***

Kairo (2001) [X]
A very creepy mystery/horror film about ghosts and demons that attempt to enter the living world via the internet. 

Bakjwi / Thirst (2009) [X]
A thriller about a priest who volunteers to be a guinea pig for a vaccine that could cure a deadly virus. He unknowingly receives a blood transfusion from a vampire and turns. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Javier Botet

A lot of things have been going wrong in my life recently, coupled with wave after wave of bad news, so sorry for the lack of updates.
If you didn't hear, the Erica Lori Ruff case finally got solved, I updated the post so you can go check it out here << click click

I don't want to miss out on the Halloween spirit, so I'm going to be posting as much as a I can this month. If you're reading this, have a great October! 

Not only is Spanish born Javier Botet a director and illustrator, but he is also the actor behind the nightmarish characters portrayed in films like Rec (Niña Medeiros ) Crimson Peak, Mama (as Mama) and the Conjuring 2 (the crooked man) to name a few. 

The characters he plays are tall and thin, with long limbs and fingers, which are a result of his Marfan syndrome. Those characteristics coupled with the eerie, dislocated  walk that he has mastered has made him in demand for any director on the look-out for the perfect on screen scare.

Just take a look at Javier Botet on the set of "Mama":