Sunday, 13 November 2016

Suicide in Malaysian pop music video

Warning: topic of suicide. Scroll past if you need to.

The music video for this Malaysian pop single by Joyce Chu possibly captures a persons suicide.
Many are in debate about the authenticity of the claim, as what appears to be a body falls from the white building in the background while the words “When I say I miss you” are sang at 1:42.
Arguments stating it is editing, an actual suicide or even a ghost are argued in the comments section of the MV.
Those who know the area say that the sign the body falls in front of actually very far in front of the white building the body seems to fall from and a picture showing the distance can been seen here  in this gossip life Asia article. 


  1. ..I cant imagine why anyone would actually bother sticking a suicide clip in..this vid' is truly frightening enough w/o it..!!

  2. I think the girl singing is scarier

    1. Is it the four and a half minute eye contact and smile-singing that makes you uneasy? Haha :)

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