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The disappearance of Kimberly Ann Moreau and youtube channel 00b4as6

After an argument with her boyfriend on the 11th of May 1986, then 17 year old Maine resident, Kimberly Moreau, skipped her junior prom to party with a girlfriend two men in their mid-twenties whom they had just met.
The timeline of the night reveals that she made sure to stop by her family home around 11pm to inform her sister that she’d return in an hour or so. Her sister neglected to ask any further questions- something she would forever come to regret, but provided a description of the car that Kimberly left in- a Pontiac trans am in white.

That would be the last time that any member of the Moreau family would ever see Kimberly again.
Brian Enman- one of the two 25 year old men the girls were with that night, was the last person to have contact with the missing teenage girl that night. He insisted in his statement that, as per Kimberly’s request, he had dropped her off a fair distance from her home (around half a mile) so that she could take a walk and reflect on what had happed between her and her boyfriend that night.  

Many people were sceptical of Enman’s statement, including the police and the missing girl’s family, who commented that it would be completely out of character for Kimberly to do something like that. Needless to say, Brian Enman was a person of interest in the case; however he was never convicted for the disappearance.

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Kimberly’s father, now in his early seventies, has searched high and low for his daughter over the years with the intention of "giving her a proper burial"- he revealed to the Portland press herald in 2015.
As with many high profile missing peoples cases the family received many phone calls from anonymous people claiming to know where their missing daughter was- All hoax calls with dead end answers or course. 

Another presumed hoax to pop up was a coded YouTube account- user “00b4as6” who began posting content relating to Moreau's disappearance one month after local police searched Brian Enman’s property and surrounding land. Reddit subunresolved mysteries dissected the videos in their comments section with the senses that although unnerving, they are not convinced that the videos are legit.

The videos are no longer available and have been removed, but Top15’s Y/T channel does talk about the mysterious channel in this video here [X]

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Kimberly Anne Moreau please do not hesitate to contact the
Maine State Police on 1-800-228-0857 or 207-743-8282

(pic source: central Maine)

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