Friday, 2 December 2016

Si-Oui, the siriraj medical museum and Chulalongkorn university museum of bodies exhibit

A while back I visited the Chulalongkorn university medical museum in Bangkok, Thailand.
As you can see in my photos below they had a lot of skeletons and wet specimens of both humans and animals.

That was a while back, and I haven't been since, but after googling "medical museums" in the hope of finding another interesting place to spend a day I saw that they had a new exhibit of amazing plastinated human bodies on display.

 I found these images on the official website for the university and also on another bloggers page (He has a really informative post regarding the history and process which I urge you to check out if you want to know more

I also visited a few similar places including the Siriraj medical museum. 
The Siriraj Medical Museum is often treated as a macabre stop for tourists bored with temples and shopping malls, and is a gruesomely fascinating formaldehyde pickled nightmare world for the curious.  
It includes a gallery of suicide (photos of death and a description of the cause), an exhibit of Siamese twins in jars, forensic evidence from crimes, cadavers cut in half and heads in jars. 
Although extremely valuable and educational for students in the medical field, it is not for the faint of heart. 

The hospital is also home to the preserved body of Chinese immigrant and serial child killer cannibal “Si-oui” (or Si Ouey) who stands tanned and varnished in a big glass display box, staring out at visitors with his sunken hollow eyes. 

(Pic: trip adviser)

Si-oui (often spelled Si Ouey) is probably Thailand’s most infamous serial killer, responsible for the deaths of half a dozen young boys. He suffocated them and ate their hearts and livers as he believed the consumption of the organs gave him special powers.

If you want to visit the museum for yourself you can find it here:
2 Wanglung Road Khwaeng Siriraj, 
Khet Bangkok Noi, 
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700,

Check if it's open or not before you go, because I went there once and it wasn't. Boo.

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