Thursday, 19 January 2017

The possession of Eleonore Zugun and the devils coins

12 year old Eleonore Zugun was delighted when she discovered coins in the street near her home in Bukovina.

As most children would, she picked them up and purchased some candy at the local store, eating it on her way home.

When she cheerfully told her grandmother about her good fortune, an atmosphere fell over the room. The old woman grimaced and scolded the child, “Those were the devils coins” she said “Now the devil is in you”.

It was at that moment that little Elanore’s life changed forever.

Violent paranormal activity plagued her life, windows smashed when she entered a room, objects shifted around by some unseen force, chairs and tables levitated, scratches and claw marks appeared on her face, arms and back.

The activity was not dampened by her stay in a covenant.
 Not even an exorcism by the local church could yield results.
Eventually she was turned over to an asylum for the mentally ill, where she resided until an upper class paranormal enthusiast (Countess Wassilko ) managed to sign her out under her care. Elaonore performed many acts of mediumship before circles of paranormal enthusiasts, including automatic writing even though she claimed to be illiterate.

She gained international media attention, and as with most paranormal cases throughout the 1920’s, caught the interest of paranormal investigator Harry price, who deducted that the raven haired Romanian girl was producing the activity herself- although not due to any psychokinetic powers or demonic possession. Price discovered that the scratches were more like welts and rashes resembling hives that would appear whenever the girl was upset or agitated. Others who investigated her claimed to see her scratch herself secretly.

He considered the case debunked, and eventually the devil, or “Dracu” as Eleonore called him, took a backseat.

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