Sunday, 22 January 2017

A haunting love

I don't know why this news story touched me, but it did.
I've re-written it the best I can.

**Please scroll past this post to avoid mentions of suicide**

On the 21st of January 2017 a brokenhearted teenager knelt down in her rented apartment and hanged herself with a bathroom towel.
She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and couldn’t take being without him. 

Before she committed suicide, she wrote three letters; one to her landlord, apologizing for what she had done, one to her family, and finally one to her ex-boyfriend vowing to haunt him if he did not complete a series of requests.

When she was found, she was wearing a white T shirt with a photograph of herself and her boyfriend printed on the front. In a letter to him, she instructed the young man to show up to her funeral, which would be held in her home, and provided the address and the phone number of a family member.

She had left behind a black T-Shirt matching the one she was found in, and told him that he must sleep in her home on at least the first and last day of the mourning period wearing the shirt- if he neglected to do so, she promised to haunt him day and night for the rest of his life.

The letter read (translated to the best of my abilities)
Mai (boyfriend’s name),
I bet you never thought I’d do something like this, right?
If I keep on living I feel like I’m suffering inside, being this way. It didn’t feel this way before. I love you so much; no one could ever take your place.
 I can’t live without you. By the way, I’m already dead. Now you have to do what I want you to do- If you don’t do what I want you to do, I will haunt you day and night. You have to attend my funeral at my home and the first night you have to wear this black T-shirt that I’ve screened for you.
You also have to sleep at my home on the first and last night. Each night you choose to stay, you must wear the shirt.
090XXXXXXX this is my grandmothers number to locate my house. People in my house call me “Sai” not “Bee” I’m so sorry that I’ve done something like this.
But I can’t live like this.
Thanks for the time we spent together; it showed me how much I loved you. I was happy every moment with you. I love you so much…

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  1. I realize this is fiction, but if I were that young man, I'd follow her instructions to the letter. I you gave a damn kid, you'll do it!